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The Lebanese Association for Development (Al Majmoua)

Activities: Non governmental organization. Not for profit organization. Financial services provider: Microcredit. Non financial services provider: Training & re-training courses, business, commerce & administration. Training courses, financial education. Management consultants. Business development consultants. Branches: Beirut Branch 2nd floor, Al Halaby building, Barbir street, Mazraa sector, Beirut Tel.+961-1-651784 Dora Branch 1st floor, Najarian building, Dora area, Bauchrieh (Metn) Tel.+961-1-242013 Tayouneh Branch 1st floor, Farhat building, Old Saida road, Tayouneh area, Ghobeiri (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-389511 Choueifate Branch 3rd floor, Block C, Saab building, Old Saida road, Choueifate (Aley) Tel.+961-5-437486 Dahieh Branch 1st floor, Al Kawthar building, Hady Nasrallah boulevard, Haret Hreik (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-466896 Hay Sellom Branch 2nd floor, Mouzanar building, Hay Sellom, Mreijeh (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-466896 Aley Branch 2nd floor, Al Jurdi building, Main road, Aley (Aley) Tel.+961-5-551208 Metn Branch 1st floor, Dr. Hassan Hilal building, Main road, Kornayel (Baabda) Tel.+961-5-360915 Chouf Branch 1st Floor, Bassam Khattar building, Main road, Semkanieh (Chouf) Tel.+961-5-502917 Saida Branch 2nd floor, Mteirek building, Al-Kodos street, Saida (Saida) Tel.+961-7-753619 Ain El-Heloueh Branch Ground floor, Najm building, Ain El-Helweh area, Saida (Saida) Tel.+961-7-726382 Sarafand Branch 2nd floor, Al Batool Coop building, Main road, Sarafand (Saida) Tel.+961-7-442150 Nabatieh Branch 2nd floor, Hamouni building, Al Saray street, Nabatieh (Nabatieh) Tel.+961-7-765157 Tyr Branch 2nd floor, Bourji building, Main road, Hoche (Tyr) Tel.+961-7-349307 Qana Branch 1st floor, Moussa Hamka building, Main Road, Qana (Tyr) Tel.+961-7-431537 Marjeyoun Branch 1st floor, Salam Abou Mrad Building, Marjeyoun road, Nabatieh (Nabatieh) Tel.+961-7-830213 Bint Jbeil Branch 1st floor, Horajly building, Main road, Bint Jbeil (Bint Jbeil) Tel.+961-7-451213 Sohmor Branch Ground floor, Qamar building, Sohmor (Bekaa Gharbi) Tel.+961-7-830213 Jeb Jennine Branch 2nd floor, Grand Stores building, Main road, Jeb Jennine (Bekaa Gharbi) Tel.+961-8-662090 Chtaura Branch 3rd floor, Prime center, Main road, Chtaura (Zahleh) Tel.+961-8-544056 Baalbeck Branch 1st floor, Al Lakkis building, Baalbeck (Baalbeck) Tel.+961-8-370866 Douris Branch Douris (Baalbeck) Al Ain Branch 2nd floor, Al Mokhtar center, Al-Ain street, Saadnayel (Zahleh) Tel.+961-8-325187 Hermel Branch 1st floor, Al Husseini center, Main road, Hermel (Hermel) Tel.+961-8-200293 Tripoli Branch 2nd floor, Al Ahdab building, Al Mourabitoun street, Tripoli (Tripoli) Tel.+961-6-423684 Halba Branch Halba (Akkar)

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  • Business management consultants
  • Services to businesses
  • Business development consultants...
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