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Batakji Print Pack

United Trading Group Sarl

Naggiar Trading Sal

Best Concrete Products Sal

Philippe Khair et Frères Sal

Sanitary Paper Co. Mimosa (Mimosa)

Demco Steel Industries Sal (Demirdjian Bros)

Mecattaf Sal

Baraka Mills Sal

Techno Aluminium

SharMetal Products Co. Sarl

Alusystem Sarl

A.E.C. Fibres & Chemicals Sal (Off-Shore)

Robert Kashouh Trading & Manufacturing Co. Sarl (RKC)

Mecano Group Sal


Marbre Pro Sarl

Kappa Systems Sal

Alinox Sarl

Zeenni Steel Industries & Trading Sarl

Fattouche Frères

Lebanese Swedish

Taleb & Co.

Tchaghlassian Steel (Chahe Tchaghlassian & Co.)

Slomia Sarl

M. Riz

Alumatec - U.T.C.I. (United Trading, Contracting & Industrial Est.)

Jean Yared et Fils Sal

Steel Sal

Vartanian Steel Sal

Chehab Brothers Sal

L'Artisan du Liban Sarl

Tannous Haddad et Fils

Universal Technique for Aluminium Sarl, UNITAL

Haddad Steel Sarl (Haddad Steel)

Gebco Steel Industry Sarl (GSI)

Vacuum Bags Sarl

SBS International Sarl


Antranik Baljian & Fils

Colombo Modern

Chedid, Ayoub & Co. Sarl

Omar Fahel & Co.

Technibat Sarl (Contracting & Trading)

Sidem - Société pour l'Industrie des Métaux Sal

Ste. Libanaise pour les Métaux S.a.l., SLM

Gabriel Acar & Fils Sarl

Aluseal Sal

Farhat Steel Sarl

Hamdan Trading Co.

HMN Group

DSM, Demolition & Scrap Metal

Abraham Melki Dellalian & Co. - Adelfi, Carrosserie Adelfi

Alexco Aluminium Expert Company Sarl

Amig Trading Co. Sarl

Wehbeh Inter Business

Flexible Packaging Industries Sarl, FPI

Simac Sal (Off-Shore)

Attar Steel Sarl

Engineering Group Contractors Sarl, EGC

AJS Group Sarl

Famsco Group Sarl

Sabbagh Enterprises, SEIOCOM

LEBECO Sal (Lebanese European Company for Commerce & Industry)

Hobeika Frères

Société Libanaise pour l'Assemblage Industriel Sarl

Ramtex Sal

Steel Block Slab System Sarl (SBS International)

General Metal Product Sarl

Alutex 2000 Aluminium Technology Extrusion Sal

Dekermendjian Frères

Mechrek for Industries & Contracting

Georges & Elias Nasr Ets.

Waternet Sal (Off-Shore)

Protek Aluminium

Aoun & Haddad Sarl

Plomberie Garabed Babahekian

Fouad Khalifé & Co.

Kari Trading Co. Sarl

Marble & Granite

Nassar Trading Sarl

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