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Euro Chicken Sarl

Puledro Sarl

Sea Lavander Sarl

Tony Samaha Est.

Masri Livestock Trading Co. Sal

Sleiman Livestock Co. Sal

Poé Tahiti

Snagro Sarl

Vetopharm Sarl

Azure Gems

Société Fils Michel Skaff Sarl

Khalil Tannoury Est. (Naturel)

Porky's s.a.r.l.

Rassem Trading Co. Sarl

Lebafarm Sal

Agricultural Development Co. TANMIA Sal

Spiro Co. Sarl

Le Sarl

Assayed Agricultural & Trading Co.

Freiji Agribusiness Sal

Aouad Co. for Cattle & Trading Sal (Acotrade)

Al Fayhaa Farms Sarl

Biovet Sarl

Wilco P.M. for Processing & Marketing Sarl

B Food Sal

Comptoir Agricole du Levant Sal

Al Fahed Livestock Sarl

Maasri Holstein

Cooperative for the Production, Manufacturing & Marketing of Food, Agricultural & Animal Products (Atayeb Al-Rif - Rural Delights)


Les Fermes Normandies Sal

Fils Antoine Badaro & Co. Sarl

Mak Food Sarl

Diagem Sarl

Bido Pearls

Lebanese Poultry Company Sal


Shinju International Sal

Pet World Sarl


Yaghi Group Sarl

Hawa Chicken Broiler Produce & Distributive Co. Sal

Coq d'Or Sarl

Etablissements Mohamed Sinno

Saad Farms Sarl


Tomety Diamonds Sarl

Perfect Timing Sarl

Lebanon Poultry

Biomass Sal

Veterinary Center Animal Life

Assayed & Partners for Agriculture & Commerce

Yaghbuny Sarl

Shuman Poultry Processing & Marketing Sal (SPPM)

Mazraet Taanayel Zahleh Sal

White Farm Sarl

Acacias Sarl

Furry Tails Pet Store

Ghazal Farms Sarl

Cedars Trading Co. Sarl

Al Beik for Livestock Sarl

Ahmad Abla Co. Sarl

Charifco Chicken

La Chaine


Pancrop Supplies & Services Sarl

Middle East Kennel Club Sarl, MEKC

Nehme & Khoury Co. Sarl

Ostrich of the Middle East

Alimentums Sal

Saab Masri for the Commerce of Poultry

Bardawni Trading Co. Sarl

Dora Live Stock Sarl

Livanko Sarl, K9 Lebanon Club

Société pour le Développement Avicole (Liban) Sal, Sodav (Liban)

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