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Company Summary

Higher Education in religious, medical, social, technological & human studies.

Campus of Medical Science
Damascus street, Beirut
Campus of Social Science
Huvelin street, Yessouieh sector, Beirut
Campus of Science & Technology
Mar Roucoz (Metn)
Campus of Human Science
Damascus street, Beirut
Campus of innovation & sport
Damascus street, Beirut
Zahleh branch (Center of University Studies)
Zahleh (Zahleh)
North Lebanon branch (Center of University Studies)
Tripoli (Tripoli)
South Lebanon branch (Center of University Studies)
Bramieh (Saida)
Law School
Dubai, U.A.E.

Main owners:
•Compagnie de Jésus (Owner)

General Information

Key figures


Executive information

  • Father Salim Daccache

    Rector of Université Saint Joseph

  • Father S. A.

    Honorary Rector of Université Saint Joseph

  • Father M. S.


  • Prof. W. N.

    Vice-Rector, Administration

  • Prof. D. S.

    Vice-Rector, Research

  • Mrs. C. E.

    Vice-Rector, International Affairs

  • Prof. T. R.

    Vice-Rector, Academic Affairs

  • Mr. F. M.

    General Secretary

  • Mr. W. M.

    Finance Manager

  • Mrs. N. A.

    Accountancy Manager

  • Miss G. G.

    Human Resources Manager

  • Mr. N. M.

    IT Manager

  • Mrs. C. G.

    Publishing & Communication Manager

  • Mr. F. A.

    Purchasing Manager

  • Mr. P. N.

    Students & Orientation Manager

  • Mrs. S. A.

    Social Service Manager

  • Mr. Z. H.

    Internal Audit Service

  • Mr. F. M.

    Sports Manager

  • Mr. E. C.

    Directeur - Insertion Professionnelle

  • Pres. C. S.

    Président de la Fédération des Associations d'Anciens

  • Ms. G. A.

    Service de la vie étudiante

  • Father M. C.

    Dean, Faculty of Religious Science

  • Prof. R. T.

    Dean, Faculty of Medicine

  • Prof. J. M.

    Dean, Faculty of Dentistry

  • Prof. M. A.

    Dean, Faculty of Pharmacology

  • Prof. R. S.

    Dean, Faculty of Nursing

  • Prof. F. G.

    Dean, Faculty of Engineering

  • Prof. L. G.

    Dean, Faculty of Political Science & Law

  • Prof. J. G.

    Dean, Faculty of Economic Science

  • Prof. G. A.

    Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

  • Prof. P. A.

    Dean, Faculty of Education Science

  • Prof. C. B.

    Dean, Faculty of Human Science & Literature

  • Prof. R. M.

    Dean, Faculty of Science

  • Prof. G. A.

    Dean, Faculty of languages

  • Father M. C.

    Director, institute of Islamic & Christian studies

  • Father E. E.

    Director, Superior Institute of Religious Science

  • Prof. M. B.

    Director, Institute of Medical Laboratory Analysis

  • Mrs. C. M.

    Director, Superior Institute of Orthophony

  • Mrs. N. L.

    Director, Institute of Physiotherapy

  • Mrs. G. G.

    Director, Institute of Psychomotricity

  • Mrs. Y. A.

    Director, School of Midwives

  • Prof. D. M.

    Director, National Institute of Communication & Information

  • Prof. M. K.

    Director, Superior School of Mediterranean Agronomy

  • Mr. J. C.

    Director, Superior School of Technology & Business

  • Father S. A.

    Director Pi, Institute of Oriental Literature & Director

  • Mrs. D. E.

    Director, Lebanese Institute of Educators

  • Mrs. M. T.

    Director, Lebanese School of Social Training

  • Miss C. S.

    Director, Institute of Political Sciences

  • Mr. E. Y.

    Director, Institute of Theatrical & Cinematographic studies

  • Mrs. G. A.

    Director, School of Translators & Interpreters of Beirut

  • Mrs. R. A.

    Director, Center of Modern Arab World

  • Mrs. I. M.

    Director, Superior Institute of Insurance Science

  • Mr. C. A.

    Director, Higher Institute of Banking Studies

  • Mrs. M. K.

    Director, Higher Institute of Public Health

  • Mrs. C. Z.

    Director, University Center of Family & Community Health

  • Mr. F. N.

    Administrator, Medical Science Campus

  • Mr. J. B.

    Administrator, Social Science Campus

  • Mr. J. R.

    Administrator, Science & Technology Campus

  • Mr. G. B.

    Administrator, Human Science Campus

  • Mr. W. S.

    Administrator, Sport & Innovation Campus

  • Mrs. F. A.

    Director, Tripoli University Center

  • Mrs. D. S.

    Director, Saida University Center

  • Mrs. M. K.

    Director, Zahleh University Center

  • Father J. N.

    Chairman of the Board

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