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Agriculture and forestry
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Allied Trading Establishment

Team Plus

Plein Sud Sarl

Global Fresh Fruits Company Sal (Off-shore)

Prince Co. Sarl

Achkar Trading Est.

Shopping Center Al Bekaa Sarl

Commodities & Trade Sarl (Commotra)

Riva Co. for Industry & Trade (Mohamad Jawad & Hassan Kalouch)

Jannat Al Bekaa Company for Trading & Agriculture Sarl

Al Mawassem Al Taybeh Sal

Awada Trading Company (Awada & Partners)

Personal Innovation Sarl (Speaking Roses)


Romex s.a.r.l.

Scientific Enterprise for Ecotourism Development Sarl (SEED)

Delta International Sal (Off-shore)



Tropica Sarl

Ets Aoun pour le Commerce

Amigo Sarl

Euro Company Sarl (Euroco)

Massoud Massoud Sarl

Agrinet Sarl

Nado Flowers

Yehia Ahmad Hariri & Co. Sal

Aoun Food Co. Sarl

Hatem Group Sarl

Muhieddine Hammoud & Sons

Maintenance Infrastructure Services & Construction Sal (MISC)

Riachi Trade & Enterprises Co. Sarl

Chawa Trading Co. Sarl

Fadel Trading Co. Sarl

Assiyana Sal

Modern Mills of Lebanon SAL, MML

Abdel Nasser Khaled Malakee Trading Est., A.N. Malakee Trading

Société Anonyme Tripolitaine des Usines de Raffinage de Sucre Sal (Saturs)

Farah for Trade & Agriculture

Mitri Group Sarl

Vert et Ciel

Universal Services & Maintenance Sarl

Wadih Riachi Est.

Agrico Sarl

Elias Kossaifi Est.

Big Mills of the South - Al-Dick

Dekerco Food & Processing Sal

Debbane Frères Sal

Le Mikado

Christian Joe Flowers

Violetta Flowers

Baraka Mills Sal

RG Concept

Fleurs Saint Charbel




Helbawi Bros Co. Sarl

Delta Group Co.


Société Chalfoun JHC Sal

United Enterprises Est.

Khoury Establishment

Lebanese Grower & Contracting

Mohamed Ali Helbawi Est.

Construction Material Company Sarl (C.M.C. Leb.)

Aziz Sarl

Najjar Agricultural & Trading Co. (Fouad Najjar & Company)

Mounir Bissat Factories

Amalia Sal

Ayloush for Import & Export Co. Sarl, Aimex

Crown Flour Mills Sal

Château Kefraya Sal

United Export International Sarl

Bureau d'Etudes Jean-Claude Malhamé Sarl

Malek Bros & Co. Sarl

AgriPharm Sarl

Société Akl Frères

Les Fils de Hussein Wehbeh

Chehade Trading Co.

Blossoms Sarl

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