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Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
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Caza Verde Sarl

Galerie Melki Group Sal, GMG

Naggiar Trading Sal

Best Concrete Products Sal

HISCO (Hilbawi Industries Staples Co. Ltd)

Société Fils Tanios Reaidy et Cie Sarl

Takla Trading Ltd

Mazraani Stores

Liban Cables Sal

Light Incorporated & Trading Co. Sal

Ets Edouard L. Manasseh & Cie Sal


Castor Trading Sal

Au Petit Point Sarl

Sebtra Sarl

Foodstuff & Consumer Goods Sal, FCG

ANATA Design

M.M.S. Co. - The Modern Machine Shop, MMS

GMK Sarl

A'Chik Sarl

SharMetal Products Co. Sarl

STR Sarl

Zeidan Center Trading Co.

Alusystem Sarl

Partners & Projects Sarl

Polymark Trading & Contracting

Boutique du Monde Sal

Ets. Karam Fakhry

Hardware International Co. Sarl

Mecano Group Sal


Pro Power Equipment

Jawdat Ejjeh & Sons Sal

TechnoShade Sarl

Tramco Co. S.a.r.l (Disney Lebanon-Sole Agent & Distributor in Lebanon & Middle East)

Videa Master Pro

Kappa Systems Sal

Ecotrade Sarl

Dalbani Corporation

Afif Hamdoun Trading Co.

Zeenni Steel Industries & Trading Sarl

Cottage Sarl

Antoine Howayek & Co. Sarl

Automation & Security Co. Sarl

United Brothers Sarl

Sundial Ltd

Atomium (Nabil Mourad & Maya Younes)


Wehbe Import & Export

Société Fils G. Oubary

Fakhry Trading Company Sarl

International Supply Consultant Sarl

Rollimpex Sarl

Memaco (Metal & Industrial Equip Trade Co.)

Hicham Hallal & Co.

Sons of Geries Naoum Abou-Jaoude Co.

M. Riz

Younes Younes & Sons Sarl


Columbus Sal

Ets Ado pour le Commerce

Zaidan House Sal (Sicome Sal)

Steel Wire Lebanon Sal

Unico - Union Industrielle et Commerciale Sal

Sleep Comfort Liban Sal

Chehab Brothers Sal

L'Artisan du Liban Sarl

Société Commerciale & Industrielle des Meules Abrasifs (Abraco)

Compu World Sarl

General Industrial Services Sarl (G.I.S.)

Lebanese Interior Equipment Co. Sarl (Lintec)

Rousse Trading Co. Sarl

Varoujan Torikian & Co.

Hoayek Tools Sarl

Code Sarl

Copper & Brass Sarl

Ghanem Brothers Trading Co.

Hassane Mohamad Saab Est.

O'Cocoon Sarl

Halbawi Industry & Trading Co. (Fomatex)

Louis Sabbagh International s.a.l. (Off-shore) (LSI)

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