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Camille Nassar Sons Sarl, CNS

Batakji Print Pack

Mouawad Paper & Board Sal

Beta Group Sarl

Oriental Paper Products Sal (OPP)

Paper Transformation Co. Sal (Patraco)

Association des Fabriques de Papier à Cigarettes Sal

Sacotel Sal (Saad Company for Telecommunications Equipment Sal)

The Hilal Trading Agency

Plexi Art Sal

Digital Photo Finishing Co. Sarl

Société Industrielle de Papier & de Carton Ondulé Sal (SIPCO)

Magnet Sal

Sanitary Paper Co. Mimosa (Mimosa)

Mediaform Sal


Matta Trading Est. (Matex)

Farah Trading Group Sarl

Ets. F.A. Hosri

Books & Pens

Sabbah Media Corporation Sarl

Label Plus Sarl

Office Machinery Group Sarl

Daher Trading Establishment

Super Color Sarl

Tetra Pak Lebanon Sarl

Malda International (Off-shore) Sal

Al-Obeikan Lebanon Sarl

Wedding Day Sarl

Boutique du Monde Sal

Wakim Co.

A.E.C. Fibres & Chemicals Sal (Off-Shore)

Trading & Manufacturing Services (Trama)

Modern House Co. (Halik & Co.)

Tramco Co. S.a.r.l (Disney Lebanon-Sole Agent & Distributor in Lebanon & Middle East)

Imprimerie Gabriel Feghali Sarl

Dabbous Mega Supplies Sarl

Le Massif Sarl

International for Computers & Stationery Sarl (New Markers)

Ecotrade Sarl

BluePack Sal

United Middle East Envelopes Sarl

Editions Hatem

Ojamco Group Sarl (Packaging Industry)

Afif Hamdoun Trading Co.

Mardini Photographic Center

Nouvelle Librairie Raymond Sal

Choueiry Multi Packaging Sarl

Trends Teck Sarl

Green Glory Sarl

Medora Business & Copy Center


Ets Zincograph du Liban

Société Fils Charif Ansari pour l'Impression et la Publication Sarl

Abdo Habib Moukarzel Est.

Pedia for Educational Skills

Dynagraph Lebanon Sal

Dar El-Founoun Sal, DELF

Daraks Packaging Sal

Kamel for Paint Sarl, KA.P.

Sons of Geries Naoum Abou-Jaoude Co.

Bag-It Sal

Raef Hachache Est.

Rabbath Industrie

Solea s.a.l.

Zoran Sal

Jean Zakka Fils Sal

Tasco Sarl

Raphael Azouri & Co. Sal (RAK Paper & Board)

Fouad Baayno Bookbindery Sarl

N. Bosnoyan et Fils Sal

Beydoun Decorative Fabrics Sarl

Sleep Comfort Liban Sal

Unipak Sal

Khalil Wardé Sal

L'Artisan du Liban Sarl

Doculand Sarl (Print & Copy Center)

Bassile Frères Sal


Librairie des Etudiants

Modern Graphic Distribution

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