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Doummar Contracting International Sal (Off-Shore)

Activities: MEP & low current engineering & contracting. Design review & audit. System re-engineering following review & audit. Conceptual & preliminary design. Construction specifications & contractor bid. Evaluation. Conceptual engineering & estimating. Planning & scheduling. Detailed design. Equipment specifications. Project & construction cost estimating. Construction management. Inspection/QA/QC. Operator training. BMS & home automation. Branches: DOUMMAR MEP Contracting L.L.C Office no. M-03, building no.158, Bin Arar Tower, Executive Business center, Najda street, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel.+971-2-4952734,+971-56-1297475; Fax.+971-2-561297475 P.O.Box: 112358 E-mail: DOUMMAR MEP Contracting Ltd. 4th floor, Matraco building, Achimota, Great Accra, Ghana Tel.+233-302-999324,+233-244-33334 P.O.Box AT 1366 Achimota E-mail: Q2 Advanced Technology Contracting L.L.C. Office no. SF22-C204, Safwa building, Block no. 22, Barwa Commercial avenue, Qatar Tel.+974-400-68888; Fax.+974-400-68899 E-mail: Group Doummar (Holding) S.a.l Mezzanine, Dora Gate, 140 Mar Youssef street, Bauchrieh (Metn) Tel.+961-1-254603,1-254604,+961-70-656863; Fax.Fax: +961-1-242004 P.O.BOX: 70-946 E-mail: DOUMMAR Technology & Contracting Sal (Off-shore) Mezzanine, Dora Gate, 140 Mar Youssef street, Bauchrieh (Metn) Tel.+961-1-254603,+961-1-254604; Fax.+961-1-242004 P.O.Box: 70-946 E-mail: DOUMMAR Technology & Contracting Sal 4th floor, 190 Nile street, Agouza, Cairo, Egypt Tel.+201-233-460841,+201-22-0090399; Fax.+201-233-460841 E-mail: DOUMMAR For Trading Mazzeh School street, Damascus, Syria Tel.+963-11-6665222; Fax.+963-11-6614600 E-mail:

Supplier of:

  • Security equipment
  • Fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire-fighting vehicles and engines...
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