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Sabeco Contracting & Trading Sarl

Galerie Melki Group Sal, GMG

Bel Labtronic Sarl

Batifort Sarl

Belhorizon Sal

Les Fils de Assaad Bardawil Sarl

Al Bonian Group Sal

Ohanian Co. Sal (Mechanical Contractors & Agents)

Bureau Hamid Kairouz Sal

T.A. Group Sarl (Technical Associates Group Sarl)

Best Concrete Products Sal

Galerie Matar

Dalal Steel Industries

Ramco Trading & Contracting Sal

Gresam Company Sal

Capelec Liban Sal

M1 Services Sal

Sacotel Sal (Saad Company for Telecommunications Equipment Sal)

Razin Group Holding Sal

Chawki Farhat (Bureau d'Etudes Architecturales d'Execution et de Promotion Immobilières)


Butec Sal

Kahraba Engineering Sarl

Khater Engineering & Trading Sal

Entreprises Kourany

Mecanix Sal

MAMCO General Contractors Sarl

Malia Development S.a.l.

Power Tech Sarl

Kitcherama Sal

Ronald Baz Architect

Libatel Sal

Al-Mabani Liban Sal

Matelec Sal

Matta et Associés Sal

Galerie Ingea Sal

Inside Sal (Galerie Vivre)

Bemco International Sal (Offshore)

S. MOKBEL & Partners sarl

Mouawad-Eddé Sarl

Frigo Services Est.

Bear Foot Sarl

Sabra Group

Yamen Est. for General Trading & Contracting

Wired & Wireless Solutions International Sal

Granolux et Néon Addada


Karalco Foncière Sal

Société Fils Ibrahim Salim Marj Sarl

Fayssal For Wood

Farja for General Contracting Sarl

Asaco General Trade & Contracting

Diagnostic Products Corporation Lebanon Sarl

OMP Design Sal

United Enterprises Est.

JMC Contracting & Trading Sarl

GMK Sarl

Green Group Sarl

Wakim Engineering & Contracting Sarl

Team-Pro Sal

Michel Chafic Saad Est. (Multi Gammes)

IDEP Consult Sarl


Star Speeders Lebanon (Shehab Brothers)

Quadrakim Foncière Sal


Intramuro Sal

Site Technology Sal

R.S.T Engineering Sarl

Maintenance Information Systems Sarl, MIS

Matar Engineering & Contracting

Mac-Corp Sarl

Emaar Lebanon Sal

Serta Channels Sal

Etancheite & Isolation Geara Sarl

Butec Property Management Sal (BPM)

Emrys Lighting Sal

Sad Lebanon for Contracting & Trading Sal

High Technology Security Services Middle East Sal

Swiss Engineers Lebanon S.a.r.l., SIL

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