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I Network Automation Sal

Bobeli Printing Press

Hadi Bros Co.


Lebanese Trading & Packaging Co.

Fady Ernest Tehini & Cie

Universal Metal Products Sal

Mecanix Sal

Manutech Sarl

Oubari Industry & Trading Sarl

Tecmo Sal

Amaco Group Sal (Off-Shore)

Daraks Packaging Sal

General Office Supplies Co. Sarl (Gefco)

Cold Stores Group of Lebanon Sarl

Equipt Sal

Zeenni's Trading Agency

Tara Sarl

Industrial & Printing Systems Sarl, IPS

Société Fils G. Oubary

Telebyte Sarl (Office Automation Co.)

Industrial Technologies Sal, ITEC

Technica International Sal

George James & Co. Sal


Unipak Sal

CopyTech Sal

Italocapp Sarl

Data Ink

NHS Trading

Promopack Sarl

Ojamco Group Sarl (Packaging Industry)

General Manufacturing & Maintenance Sarl (GMM)

Choueiry Multi Packaging Sarl

Gresam Marketing Sal

United Group Sarl

CHEMATEC (Chemaly Technique Est.)

S.E.E. Sarl (Security & Electronic Equipment)

Foodcom Agencies Sal

United Traders Sarl

Mint Consulting & Contracting Co. Sarl

Murr for Industry & Commerce

Matar Pack

File Tec Sarl

Ghattas Trading

Georges Hajj Printing Services, GHPP

Royal Form Co. (Mahmoud Khatib & Co.)

Middle East Packaging Equipment Sal (Off-Shore), MEPEQ

El Yaman Group Sarl

Green House Foods Est.

Ink Pro


Ojamco Co

MEPEQ Integration Sal

LEPEQ Fabrication Sal

Star Promotion

MaxLine Sarl

Yago Foods

Pack It Sarl

Intrapac Sarl

Geahchan Packaging Services

Global Packaging Solutions Sal, Formerly Azicorp Sal

Code Mark Sarl

Polygrafika Sarl

Samtec Sarl, Special Automatic Machines TEC

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