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Naggiar Trading Sal

Activities: - Representatives of major producers of metals, architectural products, industrial equipment & packaging materials. - Importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers & retailers of all kinds of ferrous & non ferrous metals, architectural products, industrial equipment & packaging materials. - Metal sheet processing service center. Members of : - Association of Lebanese Industrialists - Beirut Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Beirut Traders Association - MEREF CCI France - APSAD (Association pour la Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeures au Liban). Branches: POS & Service centers 1- Saloumi building, Corniche Al-Nahr street, Jisr area, Beirut Tel.+961-1-562652 (ext. 2); Fax.+961-1-562672 E-mail: 2- Al-Arid street, Industrial city, Next to Attallah Service Station, Zahleh (Zahleh) Tel.+961-8-931802,931803; Fax.+961-8-931804 3- Zaatari Industrial Compound, Industrial zone, Ghazieh (Saida) Tel.+961-7-221203; Fax.+961-1-448391 Parent Company: NAGGIAR HOLDING SAL Associated Co.: NAGGIAR INDUSTRIES S.A.R.L. NAGGIAR OVERSEAS S.A.L. (Off-shore) Board of directors: •Mr. Farid J-Y Naggiar (Chairman & General Manager) •Mr. Fady J-Y Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Mr. Ralph J-Y Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Mr. Roy J-Y Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Mrs. Maya J-Y Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Mr. Philippe Fady Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Mr. Alexander Farid Naggiar (Member of the Board) •Naggiar Sal (Holding) (Member of the Board)

Supplier of:

  • Food
  • Food packaging services
  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry...

Ahmad Rajab Jubaili & Co. Sarl, A.R. Jubaili & Co.

Activities: Ahmad Rajab Jubaili & Co. Sarl is currently one of the major suppliers of power generating sets in the Middle East and Africa since 1979. It represents FG Wilson (Eng) Ltd in its range of various products and is the exclusive distributor of and Ireland with UK as a franchise of MF (Power Series) Gensets (Manufactured by FG Wilson). ARJ is also specialized in installing high tech synchronizing systems, supply of related control panels, automatic transfer switches, distribution and totalizing boards, sales of water pumps, genuine spare parts, and 24 Hrs. maintenance services. ARJ has a sister company (JIMCO) specialized in locally assembling European parts to create local power generating machines with remarkable specifications and quality and according to European Standards. JIMCO continued its growth to excel in the design and fabrication of metal works and acoustic systems ranging from soundproof enclosures and tower lights, to fuel/water tanks and ventilation/exhaust systems, and to fully insulated rooms including complete turnkey projects. The coordination of ARJ and JIMCO enriched their collaborative expertise in order to expand their market share thus offering a wider range of services to all its customers. Branches: Factory Main road, Sarafand (Saida) Tel.+961-5-441537/8 Companies represented: Caterpillar (NI) Limited United Kingdom Associated Co.: Jimco Lebanon JMG Limited Nigeria Sharikat Joodat Al Taka Lil Tijara Wal Mokawalat Al Amma Al Mahdooda Basra, Iraq

Supplier of:

  • Tanks and vats, metal
  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Tanks, metal, for petrol and fuel...
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