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Naggiar Trading Sal

Midwest Company Sarl

Raidy Printing Group Sal

Mitsulift Lebanon SAL

Castor Trading Sal

Virtual ISP Sal

M.M.S. Co. - The Modern Machine Shop, MMS

Technoservices Sarl

Builtec Corporation Sal

Henri Abdallah PFM Sal (Polyurethane Foam & Spring Mattresses Manufacturers)

Shammas Aluminium Sarl

Oneti Lebanon Sarl

Copar S.a.r.l


Kappa Systems Sal

Eco-Print Sarl

Entretien & Constructions Mécaniques Sal, ECM

Maintenance Management Group Sal (MMG)

Diametal Sal


Plastic Manufacturing Company s.a.l., PLASMA

DOUMMAR Technology & Contracting Sal (Off-Shore)

Raef Hachache Est.

Khatib & Alami-Consolidated Engineering Company S.A.L.

General Industrial Services Sarl (G.I.S.)

Mido for Printing & Rubber Stamps (Trading Development Co.)

Beaini Metal

Chedid, Ayoub & Co. Sarl

Allied Computer Services Sal

CSS Providers Sal


PSC Group Sal

Société Libanaise pour l'Industrie Sal (Jean Anid et Fils)

SIOM (Société Industrielle d'Orfévrerie Moderne)

Liban Laminage (Carlos Ghossoub & Co.)


Farhat Steel Sarl

International Machinery & Generators Sarl (IMG)

Eweev Sarl

DSM, Demolition & Scrap Metal

Bobeli Printing Press

Staluglass Co. Sarl


Papel Digital Media Sal

Heidelberg Lebanon Sarl

Global Logistics Network Sarl (GL Network)

Eldaco Sarl

Dekermendjian Frères

Mechrek for Industries & Contracting

Zouk Modern Turn Machines, ZMTM


Société Orientale des Métaux Précieux Sal, SOMP

MG Arts

Leodigital Press Sal

Zeenni's Trading Agency

Kalamus Commercial Co. (Kalamus)

Sayco Steel

Film Recycling Works International Sal

Metallo Placco

Saikaly Brothers Co. for Industry & Trade Sarl

Right Click Sal

Builtec Sal (Off-Shore)

FVK Sarl

Super Out

Société Rubrico Sarl

Magnum Records Sarl

Solarco Maintenance & Installation Sal

Gamma Computers

Mayss Sal (Off-Shore)

Harb-TEK Systems

Ghazarian Bros Co. (Steel & Metal Works)

Megastores of Lebanon SAL

Bi Plast



Etablissements Industriels Boghos Najarian

Naggiar Industries Sarl

DOUMMAR MEP Contracting sal

Editions Kedemos


T.A. Obegi Sarl

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