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Allied Trading Establishment


United Marketing Team Co. Ltd


Société Libanaise des Ciments Asphaltés Sarl (Abi-Khalil)

4 Actions Sarl

Heavy Oil Distribution Co. Sal (Hodico)

Petrolink Company Sarl


Flex-Stone Sarl


General Pharm Sarl

Global Service Provider Sarl, GSP

Bets Sal (Off-Shore)

Anis Dib Milan Est.

Mounif Co. Sarl

Hicham Rabah Trading Est.

Impact Fitness Sarl


Hobeika Frères

Araco Lebanese Asphalt Sal

RN Chemicals Sarl

Béton Asphaltique Sarl

Modern House Co. (Halik & Co.)

Traboulsi Pharmacy

Younichem Sal

Association de Distribution Nationale Sal, ADN

Abdallah Hachem Est.

Aoun Food Co. Sarl

Hatem Group Sarl

Chehab Industrial & Medical Gases Sal

Société Rubrico Sarl

Lebanese International Petroleum Co. Sarl (LALIPCO)

Sada Pack Sarl

MJA Sarl

Toufic Est.

Nazir Hanna Trading Est.

Pharma M Sal

Building Material Marketing Co. Ltd. (Erika)

Lebanese Safe Trading Company Sarl, LSTC

Lebanese Company for Asphalt & Concrete Sal (LAC)

BHP Sal (Adel Bou Habib & Partners)

Macro Med Sarl

Pharmaceutica Sarl

Alfa Laboratories Sal

Dermapro Sarl

Allied Commercial and Industrial Services S.A.L. (Off-shore), ACIS

Saba Oil

First for Sports Nutrition LLC

Agora Global Trading Sarl

Kilzi & Co. Sal

Cesar Chalhoub & Fils Sal

Mimar Trading Sal

Middle East Food Ingredients Sal, MEFI

Holderchem Sal

Afif Hamdoun Trading Co.

Lebanese Grower & Contracting

Medical Resource Center Sarl (MRC)

Lebanese Textiles Mills (Sanipro)

Wadih Kassatly for Industry & Trade S.a.l.

Eurogulf Trading Sal

HYPCO Sal (Hydrocarbon Products Co.)

Continental Commercial Agencies Sarl

Construction Material Company Sarl (C.M.C. Leb.)

Ezzedine Petroleum Co. Sal

Waternet Sarl (Water Networks & Systems)

Karam Azar et Fils Sarl (Kazar S.A.R.L)

Harco Marketing & Trading Sal (H.M.T.)

Foz Trading


Consolidated Group for Industry and Commerce Sal (Cogico)

Comptoir de Distribution Pharmaceutique (Codipha)

Benta Trading Sal

Vetopharm Sarl

Medi Drug International Sal, MDI

Modern Co. for Olive Product (Olivco Sarl)

Industrial Chemicals & Equipment (Indec)

Universal Gas s.a.l.

Pavilion Chemicals Sarl

Commercial Promoters (Compro Sahyoun & Co.)

Finianos Petroleum Co. Sarl

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