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Société les Fils de Sadik Adra

CA & T Nettoyage, Hygiène & Propreté

Samaha Pharmatrade

United Trading Group Sarl

Société Raymond Barakeh Sal

Obegi Consumer Products Sal (OCP)

Boecker Public Health Sal

Food & Drug Corporation Sal, FDC

Mihran A. Beuyukian & Sons Sal, MAB Sal

Boulos Frères & Co. Sal

United Commercial & Industrial Co. Sarl (UCI)

Etablissements Elie D. Chammas & Co.

Midwest Company Sarl

Ramco Trading & Contracting Sal

Amatoury Sarl

OTERI - Office Technique de Réalisation Industrielle Sal, OTERI SAL

Rikan International Sarl

Romance Sal

Droguerie Mercury Sal

Ets. Babikian & Fils Sarl

Kamaplast Industrial Sarl

Medapharm Healthcare Sal

Entreprises Kourany

MATCO Marketing & Trading Co.

Dagher-Hayeck Sal

Ets F. A. Kettaneh S.A. (Kettaneh Frères)

Kitcherama Sal

Lematic S.A.L.

Malifer Corporation Sal

Sahag Jabrassian & Fils (Shasco)

Henkel Lebanon Sal

Mersaco S.A.L.

Sanitary Paper Co. Mimosa (Mimosa)


Incoma Sal

Saga Concept Sal

Mouawad-Eddé Sarl

Golden Food Sal, GF

Optimum Trading Co. Sarl


Confidence Trading Co. Sarl

Gimco MT Sarl

Pharmamedic Sarl

Appliances Consolidated Enterprises & Services Sal (ACES)

Farideh Salem Est.


Allied Commercial and Industrial Services S.A.L. (Off-shore), ACIS

E S Trading Sarl

Société Bechara Baroody Sal

Magic Rose Sarl

Cosmephar Sarl

Lebanese Textiles Mills (Sanipro)

Zebibo Trading


Bakar Beauté, International Sal

Rahbani Pharmacy

Green House Foods Est.

Citex Group Sarl

Cosy Establishment

Karkafi World

Zeidan Center Trading Co.

Target Food Company Sal

Cosmacare Sarl

Aqua Santé Sal

Butec Property Management Sal (BPM)

Medica Pharmaceuticals Sal

Swiss Engineers Lebanon S.a.r.l., SIL

Perfume Commercial Center Sarl

Hajj Electronics Sarl

Riva Enterprises Co. Sarl

Al-Hilal Trading & Contracting Est.

Zayat Home Style S.a.r.l.

Razco Electronic Co. Sarl

Al-Rachid Econo Trading Sal

Tiger Electronics Sarl

Global Cosmetics

Tramco Co. S.a.r.l (Disney Lebanon-Sole Agent & Distributor in Lebanon & Middle East)

Lawandos Trading

Abboud Marketing Sarl

Gipsy Co.

Arax Centrum Sarl

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