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Diffa Sal

Diagonal Image Co. Sarl

Ray Creation Sarl

Aram A. Khatchadourian Group s.a.r.l., A A K Group s.a.r.l.

Martpoint Sarl


Sofres Liban Sal

Project Development & Finance Corporation Sarl

Regent Palace Hariz Aley

Studio Saade

Help & Data Sarl (Middle East for Studies & Public Relations)

Millennium Development Sal

Mediapak Sal

MAPS Sarl (Fugro MAPS Group)

PenguinCube Sal

PIGIER Formation & Entreprise Sarl

Home Valery

Bon Souvenir

Abou-Dib Co. for Engineering & Construction Zahleh

Educational Development Co. Sarl, Adma International School

Capital Inception

Commercial Buildings Company Sal, CBC

Maalouf for Trading, Engineering & Consulting Sarl

Abou Merhi Hospitality Sal, AMH

United Company for Central Markets Sarl (UCCM)

Al-Janoub Press Advertising (AJP)

Tatianco Sarl

Malia Trust S.a.l.

Antoine G Sarkis & Associates Sarl

Société Foncière d'Exploitation et d'Investissement Foncier

Touristic & Property Development Company Sal (TPD)

Universe Tourism Sal

Intermed Co. Sarl

Planners & Partners Sal

Management Integrated Consultants Inc Sarl, MIC

Produits et Solutions Informatiques Sal, PSI

HR Works Sal

Management Solutions Experts Sal, MSE

Forad Sarl

Dorkhom & Co.

Ayman Sanyoura Architecture & Management Sal, ASAM

Zod Security Sarl

Decisions Sarl

Burjan LLC

SV Properties & Construction Sal

Arab Finance Corporation Sal

La Foncière du Mont Liban Sal

Sunbeam Realty Sal

Audio Visual Media Sal

Régie Privilège de Publicité Sarl

Call Center International Sarl

Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (Julphar)

Property Master Group Sal

Iso Liban Sarl

Huge 961 Sarl

Afco Co. for Contracting & General Trade Sarl

Global Vision

GA Consult

Messageries du Moyen-Orient de la Presse et du Livre Sal

Mori Group Sarl

Advertising Association

C & C Events Sal

Drive & More Sal

Ramco Sarl (Real Estate Advisers)

Azadea Group Sal (Holding)

Securitas Sarl ((Société Libano-Suisse de Securité & de Surveillan)

Belhorizon Sal

Helou Trading

Eli Lilly Suisse S.A.

Copri Housing Sal

Graphicshop Sarl

General Engineering & Contracting Company Sarl, GECC

World Trade Center - Beirut Sal

Royal Insurance Consultants Sal (R.I.C.)

Media Conseil Sarl

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