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Quantum Estates Sal

Promoteam Ltd (Organisers of Specialty Exhibitions)

Ray Creation Sarl

La Constructa Sal

Relax Residence Sarl

The Professional Construction Managers (tPCM)

Jamil Ibrahim Est.

Murr Travel & Tourism Sarl

Ghorayeb Travel & Tourism Sal

Al-Dar Consulting Sarl (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Associates)

Traccs Lebanon Sarl

Logica Sarl

Libano-Française Finance SAL

SAB 1473 Sal

Securiton Moyen-Orient Sarl

Bi'a Sarl

Fairfield Sal

Immobilière Faqra Sarl


Nagi Photographic Center

Cre8mania Sarl


Impact BBDO Sal

A2A Production Sarl

Secure Parking Corporation Sal

OPM Group Sal (Off-shore)

Immobilière 209 Ras Beyrouth Sal

Rayen Contracting Co. Sal

Eklekta Sarl

MCA People Solutions Sarl

Société Foncière d'Exploitation et d'Investissement Foncier

Echomedia Advertising Agency Sarl

Vent Nouveau Travel & Tourism

Mouawad Business Associates Sal

Compagnie Libanaise pour la Distribution de la Presse et des Imprimés Sal, Colidi

Moussa Beauty Color Sarl

Lebanese Trading, Construction & General Investment Co. Sarl (LETCI)

Ruba for Advertising & Publishing

Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Ltd. (TMP Agents)

JHI HADDAD (Consultants & Auditors)

Cibco Sarl (Contracting International Building Co.)

Beirut Waterfront Development Sal

Azurama Hotel

Management, Planning & Research Consultants Sarl (MPRC)

Mzaar 2000 Sal

L'Hermitage Sarl

Novaburo Executive Business Center Sarl

Galaxy Services & Management Sarl

Rolling Etcetera Sarl

Cedar Rose International Services Ltd.

Maga Group Sarl (Al-Bank Wal Mustathmer Magazine)

Strategy& (Lebanon) LLC

ASDA'A Public Relations Sarl

CA Indosuez Switzerland (Lebanon) Sal - Financial Institution

Tanaïl Property Sal

DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient Sal

Hill & Valley Sarl

International Consulting and Training Network Sarl (ICTN)

Beirut Marathon Association

Services & Development Sarl

Esla - Elias Saad Leading Association

Zedco Advertising & Marketing Co. Sarl

Melec Sal

Centre de Recherches & d'Etudes Agricoles Libanais Sal (CREAL)

Huge 961 Sarl

Universal Hospital Services Sarl

Mena House Club Sal

Industrial Marketing Co. Sarl (IMACO)

Tadkik Sarl

Image Systems Sal

Promofair Sal

Treelogic Sarl (Printshop of the future)

Levantings Projects Sal

BPN Sarl

Abounasr & Associates - Independent Member of BKR International (Certified Public Accountants)

Club La Marina Sal

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