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Systel6 Sarl

Sonomar Trust Co. Sal

Société Nouvelle d'Information Audiovisuel Sal

Radio Fajr Sal

Radio Nostalgie Sal

Light FM Sal

Société Nouvelle Mix FM Sal

Liban Libre pour la Production & la Diffusion Sal

Actel Sal

Power Me Mobile Sal

Orascom Telecom Lebanon SAL

Areeba Sal

Mobile Interim Company 2 Sal

Linfra Lebanon Sal

Société Moderne d'Information Sal (Voix du Liban)

Mobile Telecommunication Company Lebanon Sarl (touch)

Intercatering Sarl

Al-Jabal Travel Sarl

Born Interactive O.C. Sal

Al Jadeed TV Sal (New TV)


Rapid Services & Trading Sarl

ECOnet Sal

International Studios of Lebanon for Broadcast Sal, ISOL for Broadcast

Telnet Services Sarl

Voice of Van Sal

Top Speed

Schneider Electric East Mediterranean s.a.l

Libanpost S.A.L

Cablevision Sal

United Courriers Services - UCS Sarl, UCS

Gezairi Express SAL

Skynet Sal

Ways Walid Yasmine Services

UPS Lebanon Sarl (United Parcel Service)

Future Television S.a.l.

Telecel Global Sal (Off-Shore)

General Electronic Services Sarl (GES)

RG Sal

Entertainment to Mobile Sal, E2M

Entertainment to Mobile International Sal (Off-Shore), E2M

BroadNet Technologies Sarl

TéléLumière Sal

Dana Agency Sarl

Venture Technologies Lebanon Sarl (Office & Print Services)

Call Center International Sarl


Berko Sarl

Al Bostaji Services Sarl

The National Broadcasting Network Sal (NBN)


XOL Services Sal

Speedpost Sal

Ogero Telecom

Triband Middle East Sal (Off-shore)

Société El Ghad Sarl

Radio Delta Sal

Lebanese Communication Group Sal, LGG

Mobile Interim Company 1 Sal, MIC1 S.A.L.

Wired & Wireless Solutions International Sal

Middle Side Services Travel & Tourism (Challita & Co.)

BMB s.a.l.

GlobalCom Data Services Sal

Kalamus Commercial Co. (Kalamus)

Mada Communications International Sal (Off-Shore)

Radio Strike Sal

Voice of Charity Sal, Saout Al Mahaba

Radio MBS sal (Master Broadcasting Station)

Al-Bachaer Sal

Telesupport International Sal

Centre de Traitement Monétique Sal (CTM)

Allied Business & Investment Co. Sarl (Abico)

Teleperformance Lebanon Sal

Tasjil Art Production & Distribution Sal

Communication, Entertainment & Television Sal (Off-Shore), CET

Jinny Telecom Sal (Jinny Paging)

Snas Lebanon - DHL Sarl (DHL)

Amik Online Sarl

Alubnaniah Lil I'lam Sal

Noursat Sal

LMP Byblos Sarl

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