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Chemical industry plant and equipment
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Fady Ernest Tehini & Cie

Fayad Sport

Toy Market Trading Sal

Orimed Offshore S.a.l

Modern Co. for Olive Product (Olivco Sarl)

Aquatherma Engineering Sal

Miro-Tronics Sarl

Medical Resource Center Sarl (MRC)

Modern AgroPharmaceuticals & Trading Est. (MAP Est.)

Eastern Scientific Co. Sarl, ESCO

K.B. International

Bardawil Chemicals

Technoline Sal (Laboratory Solution Provider)

Bioteck Pharm sal

Intertech Group Sal

Autrac Trading Ltd

Zeenni's Trading Agency

Bigamed Group Sarl

Electra Engineering Sal

Scientific & Technical Supplies Co. Sarl (STS)

Biomedic Sarl

Overseas Consultants

Saramed Sal

Watermaster Sal

EMACO Sarl (The Electro-Mechanical Applications Co.)


Bioteck Medical & Hospital Supplies Sal (Medical & Hospital Supplies)

Benta Trading Sal

Biovet Sarl

Ambar Group L.L.C.

Sigma Diamond Lab Sarl

Al Diyar International Company Sarl

Chemisol Sarl



Caretek Sal

Tamer Frères Sal

Union Pharmaceutique d'Orient Sal (UPO)

C.B.A. Commercial Business Association Sarl

Unitech International

Ets. Kawkabani pour le Commerce

Medilab Sal

Nafco Inox Sal

Ets. Michel Noujaim Sal

Mephidrug Sal

Alfamed Sal

Tawrid Offshore Sal

Tawrid Sarl

Sedana Sarl

Ayoub Multitrade Sarl

General Manufacturing & Maintenance Sarl (GMM)

Middle East for Development Sarl

Nutrition & Technology Corporation Sal

Global Service Provider Sarl, GSP

Chemico Sarl

Tarek M Alieh Trading Est.

Match for Marketing Sarl

Aquarius Sal

Scientific & Medical Instruments Supplies Est. Sarl (SMISCO)

Vision Sarl

Nasr for Trading

Labise Sarl

Bel Labtronic Sarl

Intermedic Sal ((Jean Farah & Co.))

Waternet Sarl (Water Networks & Systems)

Industrial Plastic Machines Sarl, IPM

Colpogrosso Sport Sarl

PSC Group Sal

Waternet Sal (Off-Shore)

Tchooz Shoes Sal

Industrial Services Corporation Sarl (InservPower)

Water & Industries

NUMELAB S.A.R.L. (Nuclear Medical Laboratory)

Edouard Debs & Co.

Unisport Sarl

Baywatch Sports

Itani Company for Industry & Trade Sarl

File Tec Sarl

Industrial Filter Solutions Sarl, IFS

Magic Tree Sal

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