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Zaim Bros Co. Sarl

Bano Trading Co. Sarl

Carpaccio Sarl

Sté Ets Michel Najjar Sal

Naggiar Trading Sal

Noura Sal

Obegi Consumer Products Sal (OCP)

Food & Drug Corporation Sal, FDC

Boulangeries Chamsine

Phoenicia Beirut Sal

Rabbath & Company Sarl

Rebeiz Frères Sarl

Interbrand Sal

La Régie Libanaise des Tabacs & Tombacs

Al Rifai Roastery Sal

Royal Gourmet Sal

Maurice Jabra & Co. Sal

Al-Sultan Foodstuff Co. Sarl

AlKanater Sal

Michel Nassif et Fils Sal

Moussallem & Partners - MB SAL, MB

Kallassi Trading Corporation Sal

Lebanon Fruit Juice Co. Sal (Bonjus)

Société Libanaise de Boissons (Bechir Mechaalany et Fils)

LibanJus Sal


Sahag Jabrassian & Fils (Shasco)

Yaghi Group Sarl

Etablissements Antoine Massoud SAL

Master Chewing Gum & Candies Co. SAL

Foodcom Agencies Sal

Ets. Wafic Idriss Sarl

George James & Co. Sal


Saga Concept Sal

Minoteries Modernes Assaf

Golden Food Sal, GF

Toque du Chef

Société Mirna pour le Commerce Sarl

Abido Co. Sarl

France Negoce Corporation Sal (Off-Shore), FNC

MID Continental Imports Sarl

Dalbani for Trade & Industry

Bassam Ghrawi Est.

Rosella Trading Co.

Lawandos Group Sarl

Fayed Sarl

FarmTech Sarl

Société Fils Abdelrida Reslane

Arla Kallassi Foods Lebanon Sal

Baraka Mills Sal

Foodstuff General Trading Sal (Off-Shore)

Foodstuff & Consumer Goods Sal, FCG

Abdelwahab Hamzeh & Sons for Trade & Industry

Sofi de France Sal

Demian Frères Sarl


Medstar Trading Sal

Batloun Dairy Products

Commodities & Trade Sarl (Commotra)

Chamsine Bakeries & Pastry Halate Sarl

Alfa Food Co.


Linda Chocolate Factory

Abou Kassem Trading Co. Sarl

Master Chips Sal

Wadi El-Kheir Foods Sarl

Target Food Company Sal

Deliban Sal

Al Andalous Roastery Sal

Archibon Sarl

Al-Obeikan Lebanon Sarl

Wedding Day Sarl

Noorco Sarl (Agency, Commerce & Industry)

British American Tobacco (B.A.T. (UK & Export) Ltd)

Al-Rachid Econo Trading Sal

Delta International Sal (Off-shore)

Malco Manufacturing & Distribution Co. Sal

Lebanese Poultry Company Sal

Société Moulin D'Or Libanaise Sarl

Lebanese Company for Modern Food Industry Sarl (Gardenia Grain D'Or)

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