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Horizontal Tempering Glass Sarl

Camille Nassar Sons Sarl, CNS

Galerie Melki Group Sal, GMG

Sani Ware Sarl

Galerie Versaille

Bel Labtronic Sarl

Elissa Est.

Belmark Sarl

Bycop Sal

Les Fils de Assaad Bardawil Sarl

Boisseliers du Rif Sarl

United Commercial & Industrial Co. Sarl (UCI)

Puriplast Liban Sal

Galerie Matar

Atco Sal

Regency Sal

Le Cercle Hitti Sarl (Hitti Group)

Takla Trading Ltd

Plasty Foam Itani for Trading & Industry Sarl

The Hilal Trading Agency

Pro-Kitchen Sal

Kamaplast Industrial Sarl

Naji Kanafani & Fils

Philippe Khair et Frères Sal

Kitcherama Sal

Ali Maktabi & Sons Sal

Hassan Maktabi & Sons

The Lebanese Ceramic Industries Company Sal (Lecico)

Linea Verde International Sal

Malifer Corporation Sal

Snaidero Middle East Sal

Ghanem Trading Agency Est.

Galerie Ingea Sal

Sara for Building Materials Sal

Metachrome International Sal

Inside Sal (Galerie Vivre)

Vogue Etoile Sal

B to X Lab Sal

Moumaji Group Sarl


Home City Sarl

Confidence Trading Co. Sarl

Sabbah Media Corporation Sarl

Au Petit Point Sarl

HomeTrust Sal

Farideh Salem Est.

Fitzpatrick Sal

Silverdeco Sarl

Toy Market Trading Sal

Chaaban Bros

OMP Design Sal

Egco General Trade

Daher Trading Establishment

Peaks Sarl

Laboué Sanitary

Magasins Hortensia Sal

Expo Al-Jounoub pour les Articles Electro-Ménagers

CUB Engineering & Consulting Sal

Soft Design Sarl


Michel Chafic Saad Est. (Multi Gammes)


IMCO Line International Sarl

Play Systems International Sal (Off-Shore)

Citex Group Sarl

Cosy Establishment

Amin M. Atwi Est.

Tabet Home Collection Sarl

Ets. Semaan Jarjour

Fabrique Moderne de Cardage

Plexi Plus Sarl (Plexiplus)

Robert Khoury Sal

Khoury Sanitary Sarl

Distinet Sal

Galerie Concorde

Toufic Abou Khalil & Co. Sarl (Omega)

Société Nabeh Al-Hana Sarl

A. A. Beydoun & Co. Ltd

Best Heating & Sanitary Sarl

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