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Samaha Pharmatrade

Hôpital des Soeurs du Rosaire

Allied Medical Group Sal

Bamode Sarl

Bioteck Medical & Hospital Supplies Sal (Medical & Hospital Supplies)

Darling Shoes

Comeco (Ets. Khaled Aoun)

Matériel Mecanique Sarl (Medek)

Pharmacol Sal

Z.D.E. sarl (Zouheir Dandan & Co.)

Louis Sabbagh International s.a.l. (Off-shore) (LSI)

Aratel Electronics Est.

Chaîne Sarl

Aïshti Sal

Chaoul Pharmaceuticals Sal (CHAPHA)

Middle East Africa Trading Organization Sarl (Meato)

United Lebanese Pharmacists Sal

Al-Rayan Hospital

Central Medical Dora- CMD Sarl

Algorithm Sal

Tamer Frères Sal

Bassoul-Heneiné Sal

Aquarius Sal

Dental Shares Sarl

Signaliban Sarl

Assiotex Group

Hopital Jabal Amel Sal

Raee Hospital Sal

Ferrari Dental Clinics & Labs Sarl

3I Middle East & North Africa Sal (Off-Shore)

Hôpital Saint Charles

New Mazloum Hospital Sal

Tao Spa Co. Sarl

Home Health Care Sal

Java Fire Protection Sal

Intercare Sarl

Shah Naz

Medical & Technical Services Co. S.a.r.l., MTS CO.

The Chronic Care Center

Taanayel General Hospital Sarl

Liba Nutripharmaceutique Sarl

Services & Development Sal ((International Fairs & Hotels))

Electra Engineering Sal

General Company For Technical Services (GCTS) s.a.r.l

Sach Medical Sarl

Diététicienne Georgette Touma

Bio Diamond Middle East Sal

Big Foot

PineLand Sarl

Doummar for Agriculture Sarl

United Marketing Team Co. Ltd

Diam International Sarl

M.T.O. S.A.L. Maintenance Technique Optimisée

Assayed Agricultural & Trading Co.

Younes Trading & Marketing Establishment

Lifestyles Sal

Omni Medical (Atweh & Co.)

Droguerie Tamer Sal


Bigamed Group Sarl

Solupharm Sal (LPIA)

Khoury International Trading Co. Sarl (Kitco)

Home Mobility Sarl

Eddé Sands Sal

Kaslik Import Export Sarl

KARSAM Middle East Sarl (A Karsam Company) (KARSAM (M.E.) Axon Sarl)

Fouad Makhlouf & Co.

Monla Hospital Sal

Leisure Hill Sal (Le Royal Hotel - Beirut)

Panacea Medical Health Club Sal

Bioline Sarl

Al-Iklim Health Establishment Sarl

Lebanese Hair Center Sarl, LHC

Dentaltech Sarl

Rahma Medical Center

Centre Medical de Radiology, CMB

Armal Ltd

Children Cancer Center of Lebanon, CCCL

Le Sarl

Mars Co.

Chehab Industrial & Medical Gases Sal

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