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Quasar Sal - System Integrators

Italia Film International Sal (Off-shore)

Kahraba Engineering Sarl

Mecanix Sal

Pro Bureau Sarl


Zuhair Murad Sarl

Gaby Creation

Sposamia Sarl

Mac-Corp Sarl

YK Creations by Youssef Kamoun Sal

Emrys Lighting Sal

OM2 Sal

Jean Fares Couture (TM) Sal

Platform Studios Sarl

Les Fils de Michael Bacha (Michael)

Nameless Dance Academy

Janna Sur Mer Sal

Machinery & Computer Management Systems Sarl, MCM Systems

Medora Business & Copy Center

R.D.R. Sarl

Securitas Sarl ((Société Libano-Suisse de Securité & de Surveillan)

Wide Angle Sarl

Ray Creation Sarl

Circle Exhibition Services Sal

Nidal Zihar Sarl, NZ

Adlene Azar Haute Couture

Services & Investment Co. Sal

Rimarise (Rachad Itani for Industry & Trade Co.)

Casino du Liban Sal

Zaidan House Sal (Sicome Sal)

Bardawil & Co. Construction, Equipment & Materials Sarl

Dip to Color Sal

Image Systems Sal

Cin Cin Services L.L.C., Cin Cin

Georges Hobeika Atelier Sal

Maison Rabih Kayrouz Sarl

Georges & Khalil Choueiter (Choueiter)

Pierre Katra

Green Line Productions Ltd

Professionals Sound & Light

Allam Scaffold Group

Charlie Services Sarl

Audiotec Group Sarl

General Security Sal

Noivas International Sarl

AFTRA (Business Automation Systems)

La Production Sarl

The Forest Sarl

Medora Group Sarl

Technotel Dfouny Sarl

Sawan Sound

460 The Multimedia Store Sal

RAC Engineering & Consultancy


HCE Rentals


Helmets On Sarl

Darts Sal (Off-Shore)

P. Pro Sarl

Innovar Sarl

Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture Sarl

Toufic Hatab Fashion

ProFocus Sarl

Heidelberg Lebanon Sarl

Pyroguard Lebanon Sal

Fadi Nahlé Haute Couture

Power Pro Sarl (Power Pro by Emile Acar)

Wissam Chammas Haute Couture

Reem Zeidan Creation

Nisrine Ziadé

Saiid Kobeisy Sal

Acce's Mode Sarl

Champagne Sarl

Milad Botros Couture

Cloud Computer Services & Solutions

Joy Events Sarl

Maison de la Sécurité Sarl

Black Box.Com Sarl, BBC

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