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Metal pipework, valves and containers
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Metal Entreprises Co.

Geahchan Bath & Kitchen Sarl

S.S. International Sarl

Emporio Ceramico Sal

Tarek Shibly Trading Est.

Makki Co. for General Trade Sarl

Ets. Fadi M. Tohme for General Trading

Salazarco Hardware Sarl

Tag Metal (Tony Elias & Co.)

Rizkallah for Trading & Industry

Maison de la Ceramique Sarl

Saleh Brothers for General Trade

AAA Resources Sal (Off-Shore)

Zmerly & Co. Sarl (Zmerly Smart Heating)

Unidrug Sarl

Wardé Steel & Metals Sarl

Variance Sarl


Universal Metal Products Sal

Standard General Co. - Stageco Ltd

Hijazi Group for Trading Sarl

Ceramist Trading Co.

Zgheib Marbles & Granites Sarl

World Stone Sarl

Ferick Steel

Hassan Jamal & Fils Sarl

Sami Hert & Sons Sarl

Khaled & Mohamed Ayouch

Ets. Maksoud

National Plast

Slomia Sarl

Hammoud's Trading Est

Yammine Trading Company Sarl

Georges & Elias Nasr Ets.

WSM for General Trade


ER Creation Mobalpa

Builders Sal

Egco General Trade

Silverdeco Sarl

ANATA Design

Ets Vartan Narciss

Haykal Plast Sal

Laboué Sanitary

Big Stores

Jean Claude Yared & Fils Sal

Antoine Adem Est.

Abdelrida Mohamad Mroueh Est., MrouehPlast

Etablissements Derviche Y. Haddad Sarl

FAB (Fouad Beydoun & Co.)

Hocheimi for General Trade

Yammine International Sal (Off-Shore)

Fayez Abi Al-Sheikh Trading Co. Sarl, FASCO


StarLine Trading Co. Ltd.

Mayss Sal (Off-Shore)

Plomberie Garabed Babahekian


Sima International Sarl

Al-Mabani Equipment & Materials Sarl (Hakim)

Demachkié & Co.

Zeenni's Trading Agency

Ets. Edouard M. Akl

Howshi Cooling Company Sarl

National Marketing

Hotel Equipment & Development Co. (Hotedco)

Akar & Tabet


Someco International Sal

Sarkis Co. Sarl

COTRAC Sarl (Construction Trading Company)

Fakhry Trading Company Sarl

Mouhtadi Nemr Trading Est.

Antoune Nader Co. Sarl

Febco General Trade Co.

Megatrade Sarl

Azar Frères Sal

Michel Daghfal Stores

Tajj Est.

Hobeika Frères

LEBECO Sal (Lebanese European Company for Commerce & Industry)

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