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Engines and mechanical parts
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Metal Entreprises Co.

BioProjects Sarl

Electrical Automation and Security Solutions Co. Sarl, EASSCO

HMD Africa Sal (Off-shore) (Heavy Machinery Dealership)

International Machinery & Generators Sarl (IMG)

Createch International Sarl

Electro Moussa

Contra International Sarl

Sako Saleh Co. Sarl

Green Arms Sal

PTC Services Sarl

Prestige Imports (Elian Autoparts)

Boustany Trading & Services Corporation, BTSC

Khoury & Baroud Trading Co.

IGC Sal (Off-Shore)

Mistral Wind Sarl

Wardé Steel & Metals Sarl

Etablissements Industriels Boghos Najarian

Jacteco Mechanical Sarl

Sodicar Sarl

Najib Hermes & Co.

Electro Mechanical Technology Co. Sarl, E M Tech Co.

Slomia Sarl

Hammoud's Trading Est

Yammine Trading Company Sarl

Issa Group International Sarl

Alltech Machinery Sarl

A. Rassy & Co. Sal

Nagib Baki & Sons

Jabbour Datakom Sarl

Saleh Com (Mohamed Saleh & Co.)

Asaco General Trade & Contracting

Castor Trading Sal

Euro Auto Center Sarl

Sapco Auto Parts Co. Sarl

Barbir Trading Co.

Antoine Adem Est.

Saleh Bros Co. Sarl, SBC

Younes Bros Sarl

FVK Sarl

Yammine International Sal (Off-Shore)

Société d'Etudes Techniques d'Entreprises & de Représentations Sarl (S.E.T.E.R sarl)

Bab International Sarl

Mayss Sal (Off-Shore)



Ch Jamhouri & Fils Sal

Etablissement Kassardji pour le Commerce

Kilzi & Co. Sal


Someco International Sal

Plastic Manufacturing Company s.a.l., PLASMA

Contracom International

Naamani Auto Parts

Mediterranean Trading & Contracting Company Sarl, MTCC

Triple K Trade & Services Sal (Off-Shore)

Salaheddine Itani Est.

T. Gargour et Fils s.a.l.

Fresabco Ltd.

Rafic Gazzaoui & Co. Sal

Tehini, Hana & Cie Sarl (For Automotive Business)

Overseas Consultants

Baladi Frères Sal

Harb Electric Sal

Black Box Sarl

EMACO Sarl (The Electro-Mechanical Applications Co.)

Edan Group International Sal

Joseph Tehini & Fils

Pneumatic Systems & Solutions Sal, PSS

Caporal et Moretti Sal

SNIC (Société Nahas pour l'Industrie et le Commerce)

OK Foundries Sal (Fonderies Ohannes Kassardjian Sal)

S. & A.S. Co. Ltd (Security & Automation Systems)

Etudes et Réalisations Techniques-Burotec Sarl

Jubaili Bros. Sal


Sea Link Sarl

Ibrahim Tabsh & Sons Sal

Mekaconsul Sarl

Salazarco Sal

Bachian Bros. Sarl

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