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Home Tiles Co. for General Trade, Transport & Contractor Sarl

Flex-Stone Sarl

Société Fils Ibrahim Salim Marj Sarl

General Company for Quarries & Contracting S.A.R.L

Technibat Sarl (Contracting & Trading)


Georges & Elias Nasr Ets.

Constratto Sarl

Ghaddar Commerce & Construction, GCC

Seament Sal

Industries et Transport Abou-Rachid

Karake Trading Co. Sarl

Marble & Granite

Aquaquip Supplies Sal

Betico Co. Sarl

Intertectra Sarl

GVF Export Co. Sarl

Jamil Manana & Co.

Nassar Co. for Trade, Industry & Entreprises Sarl

Margraf Lebanon Sarl

HTC Sarl

Daher for Contracting Sarl

Malli Est. for Industry & Commerce

Aquarius Sal

Chafic & Nadim Kassis

Fouad Khalifé & Co.

Manana Ceramica Sarl

Wassef Sinno & Sons Trading Company

Dadour S.A.L.

B.J. for Trading and Contracting Est.

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