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Sierra Group Sarl (Assurance Services)

Intesa SanPaolo Spa

Sloop Insurance Brokerage Firm Sarl

AROPE Insurance S.A.L.

Riachi Group

Souheil Sabella Brokerage Co. Sarl

Security Brokerage Sarl

United Trading Group Sarl

Gostanian Exchange Co. (Silva Exchange)

Business Services Office Sarl, BSO

T.I.M.E. Ltd (Trade, Investment & Management Enterprises Ltd)

Arab International Development & Investment Company Sal (AIDI)

Debbas Holding Sal

Intra Investment Co. Sal

AM Bank Sal, Al-Mawarid Bank Sal

Saadé Group Sal

United Brothers Holding Sal

Arab African International Bank, AAIB

Banque de l'Habitat Sal

Banque de Crédit National Sal

B.L.C. Bank S.A.L.

Banque Misr Liban Sal (BML)

Banque BEMO Sal

Bank of Beirut s.a.l.

Audi Private Bank Sal

Libano-Suisse Sal Insurance Company

Lebanese Swiss Bank Sal

Lebanon and Gulf Bank Sal

Cedrus Bank Sal


Federal Bank of Lebanon Sal

Habib Bank Limited

Lebanese Leasing Company Sal "Leasing"

Fenicia Bank Sal

Fidelity Assurance & Reinsurance Co. Sal

IBL Bank Sal

Al Baraka Bank Lebanon Sal

Audi Investment Bank Sal, AIB

Malia Holding S.a.l.

Holcom Sal (Holding)

La Phenicienne Insurance Co. Sal

Liberty Insurance Sal

National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) Sal

Securite Assurance Sal

Nasco Lebanon Sal

United Assurance Co. Sal

BSL Bank Sal

Al Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance Sal

Commercial Insurance Co. (Lebanon) Sal

Mediterranean Oil Shipping & Transport Co. (MEDCO) Sal

Julius Baer (Lebanon) Sal

LIA insurance sal

Cado Holding Sal

Victoire Sal, Compagnie d'Assurances

Mecattaf Sal

Credit Financier Invest Sal

ALIG (Arab Lebanese Insurance Group)

Ets. F.A. Hosri

Fawaz Holding Sal

Projects Development (PRODEV) Sal

Setraco International Holding Sal

Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal Group Sal

Quantum Holding Sal

Real Estate for Investment & Development Co. Sal (REDICO)

Bancassurance Sal

Gibbons Sal

George Hakim Holding Sal

Frem Industrial Group Sal (Holding)

American Express Middle East B.S.C. (C)/Lebanon Branch, AMEX

Union Franco Arabe d'Assurances et de Réassurances Sal (UFA)

Azadea Group Sal (Holding)

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