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Leader Ship Sarl

I Network Automation Sal

Hajj Ali for Insurance Services Sarl

Lead Group Holding Sal

Faqra Yards Holding Sal

Green Future Lebanon Holding Sal

Dabboussi Group Holding Sal

Georges Kik Est.

Car Talks Sarl

Inter Mall Group SAL Holding

Royal Financials Sal

France Cell

Gap Corporation Insurance Brokerage Sarl

Emira Insurance Agency Sal

PrismaInvest Sal (Holding)

Lina's Trading

IBH Levant & Africa Sal (Insurance Broker), Bahou Heritage

Pharaon Healthcare Holding Sal

6 Sigma Credit Rating Agency Sarl

Fimaco Holding Sal

Super Protection Co. Sarl

Obegi Group Holding Sal

Obegi Consumer Products Holding Sal, OCPH (Holding)

Société Libanaise pour l'Investissement & le Développement Sarl (Solid)

CMA Liban (Holding) SAL

Berytus Holding Sal

ED. Zakhia & Co.

Trasco Insurance Broker

Protek Sarl

La Nationale Sarl

Roger Moubarak Sarl

Kotob Exchange Co. Sal

Transorient for Services Sarl


Sasco Group Sarl

Cotra Sal (Off-Shore)

Financial Management Enterprises Holding Sal

Best Computers Sarl

Securit Sarl

Monab Holding Sal

Ruby Holdings (Lebanon) Sal


Taameer Lebanon Co. Holding Sal

Lotus (Dani & Hani Amine Al-Bacha)

Yonan Services Group Sarl

Bissat Group Holding Sal

Global Protection Insurance Consultants Sarl

Pom Insurance Solutions Sal (Peace of Mind)

Kassa'a Group Holding Sal

Hatem Insurance Brokers Sarl, HIB

Lions Insurance Consultants Sarl

Open Link Sarl

ICAR Wakim

Africell Holding Sal

RG Sal

Serta Holding SAL

Joseph Zakhour & Co. Sarl

Globalcom Holding Sal

Lebanese Real Estate Development & Investment Company Sal - (Lerdico) (A Member of Dallah Albaraka Group)

Groupe Chiha Holding Sal

RD & Associates Sal

The Lebanese Association for Development (Al Majmoua)

Development Ventures Holding Sal

PMC Re Sal

Fawaz Holding Sal

Credit Financier Invest Sal

Projects Development (PRODEV) Sal

Karsam International Sal (Off-shore)

Kamel Jaber Group Holding Sal (Almaz Jaber Group)

Raad Group Holding Sal

Setraco International Holding Sal

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