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Baassiri General Trade Co.

Mihran A. Beuyukian & Sons Sal, MAB Sal

Bitar & Fil Trading Co.

Rasamny-Younis Motor Company Sal (Rymco)


Sacotel Sal (Saad Company for Telecommunications Equipment Sal)

Merit Corporation Sal

Saad & Trad Sal

Middle East Development Co. Sal (Medevco Sal)

A.N. Boukather Sal

Dagher-Hayeck Sal

Natgaz Sal

Motoring & Trading Co. Sal (Motortrade)

Power Tech Sarl

Ets F. A. Kettaneh S.A. (Kettaneh Frères)

Cedar Motor Trading Co. s.a.l.


Mitsulift Lebanon SAL

Riviera Hotel Beirut

Ayass Trading Company Sarl, ATC

Automatic Center

Lenco Marine Sal

Euro Auto Center Sarl

Castor Trading Sal

Cyclo Sport

Assi Sarl

Etablissement Technoway

Toy Market Trading Sal


Sapco Auto Parts Co. Sarl

Lebanese Parking Meters Sarl (LPM)

EK Cooling Technology Company Sarl

Auto Spare Parts Center Sal

Porsche Centre Lebanon Sal

IMCO Line International Sarl

Monza Motors Offshore s.a.l

Monza Trade & Graphics s.a.r.l

Builtec Corporation Sal

Rebco Sal

Ets. Hagopian


Sea Pros Sarl

Fakhoury Motors

N.D.C. Habib Auto Parts

Abboud Marketing Sarl


Batrouni Electronics & Information Trading (Bates)

Kama Sarl

Fouad Srour Trading Est.

General Electronic Services Sarl (GES)

City Parts Sarl

Abdalla Shaar & Co. Trading Company

Mansour & Salameh Group Ltd.

Choufani Auto Parts Sarl

Azzi Sport Marine Sarl

Toff Group

Team Nine Sal

Le Garage Sarl

ATCO Assi Trading Company Sarl

Goubela Co. Sarl

Q Motors Sal

Nassar Trading Establishment Sarl

Abdo Zogheib & Co. Sarl

Silver Arrow Sarl

Rodrigue & Nemr Bassil (Bassil Bros.)

MM Group Sarl

Tecmo Sal

Bisco Sarl

Joseph Tannous Zghaib Est. for Paints

Lana Motors

Fakhry Trading Company Sarl

Naamani Auto Parts

Rollimpex Sarl

Al Zaim Auto Parts (AZAPCO)

Cold Stores Group of Lebanon Sarl

Abi-Habib Auto Parts

Auto Artine Beudjekian Sarl

DOUMMAR Technology & Contracting Sal (Off-Shore)

Slomia Sarl

Ahmad El-Sawi Zantout Ests. Sal

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