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Château Marsyas Sal

Batroun Mountains (Assaad & Katyshyrah Hark Co.)

Edde Winery Sal

Adyar Coop (Association Cooperative d'Agriculture et d'Industrialisation)

Wines of Lebanon Sal

Nassar General Trading Est.

Société Château Qanafar Sarl (Château Qanafar property)

Aurora Winery & Vineyards Sarl

Sara Food Group Sal (Off-Shore)

Spirit Sarl

Samarani Import Distribution & Export Co. Sarl, Sidec

Ali Rachidi & Sons

Vigna Verde Sarl

Le Courtier Trading Company Sarl

Nakhil Yammine for Trade

Bou Sleimane Industry

Hachem Industry & Trading Group sarl, Hintrag

Alfa Interfood Sal

Cocktail Maroji

Warm Co. Ltd

A-Z Corporation International Sal (Off-Shore)

Foodstuff General Trading Sal (Off-Shore)

Foodstuff & Consumer Goods Sal, FCG

La Maison Rouge Sarl

Dal Mare Group Sarl

Ataya Foods Sal

Clos du Chêne Sal

Yanabih Kaa El Rim (Ghassan Saliba & Co.)

Clos St. Thomas Sal

Domaine des Tourelles s.a.r.l.

Tranz Impex Sarl

Vallée Lamartine Sarl

VAK Trading Co. Sarl

Noha Co. for the Exploitation of Natural & Mineral Water Sal

Opaline Sarl

Rank Group Sarl, Shfia

NHS International Sarl

Antoun Wadih Sons Sarl

Wadihco Sarl

Al-Metn International Trade (Al-Chaghour Water)

GM&A Promotions Sarl

Café Toni


Turk Sal (Holding) (Nadra Turk & Sons)

Supertech Sarl

Cedar Hill Agro Industries (CHAI) Sal, Château Florentine

LibanCave Trading & Industry Sarl

Moughrabi for Trade

Lebanese Company for Modern Food Industry Sarl (Gardenia Grain D'Or)


Edghurst Sal (Off-Shore)

Foods Tobacco & Whiskey Center Sarl

Al-Rachid Econo Trading Sal

International Lebanon Water Co. Sal

Antoine Sahyoun pour le Commerce


Usine Laveluxe Industrielle (Ahmad Ataya)

Delta Duty Free Sarl

Jus Naturel Libanais Sarl (Junal)

Awada Trading Company (Awada & Partners)

Manyfood Sal

National Beverage Company s.a.l. (A Member of Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company)

Interworld Sarl

Enoteca Sal

United Foodstuffs & Catering Co. Sal

Domanco Sarl

Ets. Wafic Idriss Sarl

Sahag Jabrassian & Fils (Shasco)

Al Wadi Al Akhdar Sal

Dima S.A.L. Marketing & Distribution

Sté Pierre Khayat & Fils

Abi-Ramia Brothers for the Commerce Sarl

F.N. Abi-Aad (Abiaco)

Bekaplast Sal

Dairy Taanayel Farms Sal (Taanayel Les Fermes)

Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Co. Sal

Adam's Factory Vinegar & Salt

Château Kefraya Sal

Solifed Sarl (Société Libanaise de Fermentation & Distillation)

Domaine de Baal Sarl

Société Joseph Jalkh & Co. Sarl

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