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Najem Group & Co. Sal, NGC

M. Ezzat Jallad & Fils

Bardawil & Co. Construction, Equipment & Materials Sarl

Industrial Services Corporation Sarl (InservPower)


Haddad Steel Sarl (Haddad Steel)

Dynamica for Mechatronic Services Sarl

Middle East Dredging Co. Sarl

C.I.T.E.C. - Construction Industrial & Technical Equipments Co. Sarl

PSC Group Sal

Abdelmassih United Co. Sarl

HMD Africa Sal (Off-shore) (Heavy Machinery Dealership)

Delta Mec Sarl

Abdelwadoud Salah Nsouli

Ambar Group L.L.C.

Medilab Sal

Bayoumi & Sons Sarl

Jihad Saadeh Establishment

Makhlouf's Glass Art, SNL

Wardé Steel & Metals Sarl

Someco International Sal

El-Ghoul Co. Sal

Corpotrade Incorporated Sal (Off-shore)

Sodicom Sal (Société de Développement Industriel & Commercial)

Abdelmassih Trading Company Sarl

Corpotrade Sarl

Crystal Deco Sarl

SNIC (Société Nahas pour l'Industrie et le Commerce)

Baladi Frères Sal

Al Madar Sarl, Al Madar Trading & Contracting

MaxLine Sarl

Elva Sarl



Decocrystal Sarl

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