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Société d'Electricité de Jbeil Sal

Electricité de Zahlé Sal

Etablissements Georges N. Chammas

Electricité du Liban

Modern Co. for Olive Product (Olivco Sarl)

La Kadicha - Société Anonyme d'Electricité du Liban Nord Sal (La Kadisha)

Société Phénicienne des Forces Hydro-Electriques de Nahr Ibrahim Sal

Yamco Gaz Sarl

Petrolink Company Sarl

Allied Trading Establishment

Allied Diesel Sal

Heavy Oil Distribution Co. Sal (Hodico)

APCC Lebanon Sarl

Navitas Technology L.L.C.

Butec Utility Services Sal, BUS

National Electric Utility Co. Sal, NEUC

Mrad Company for Trade, Industry & Contracting Sal

Sustainable Akkar Sal

Lebanon Wind Power Sal

Hawa Akkar Sal

Heavy Industrial Fuels Sal, HIF

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