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Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
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Blessing Sarl

Bobeli Printing Press

Bijouterie Nakrour 1

Sfeir Jewellery Sarl

Sarah's Bag Sarl

Al Houla Jewellery

Poé Tahiti

Haddad Trading Co. Ltd.

Al Ahmar Metal Sarl

Yara Group Co.

Middle East Commercial Center (J. Tabet & Sons)

Fady Ernest Tehini & Cie

Nassar Computer Solution, NCS


Strassco Sarl


Al Soultan Jewellery Sarl


Jean Paul Karadjian

Gold Time Sarl

Azure Gems

Nana B

Sarafian Jewels

Karout Grand Stores, KGS

Ella Jem - Tia Touch

Sons of Geries Naoum Abou-Jaoude Co.

Sundial Ltd

Pandely Bonja & Fils

Toy Market Trading Sal

Murex Group Sarl

Fiesta Group Sarl

Mechrek for Industries & Contracting

Aïshti Sal

G.S. Antaki Sarl

Louis Sabbagh International s.a.l. (Off-shore) (LSI)

Taleb & Co.

Elie Matta Est.

Fayed Sarl

Madonna Thierry

Mawla Jewellery Sarl

Au Petit Point Sarl

Kallas Jewelry Sarl

Jenanian & Co.

El Cubano

Star Gems Sarl

Azar Gems Co. S.A.L.

A'Chik Sarl

Trade Plus

Georges Boghossian & Co. Sarl, DGC

Issa Jewellery Sarl

Younes Diamond (Younes Malla & Co.)

Flouty (Elias & Mitri Flouty)

Eloga Liban Sal

Itiology Sal

Hilda Collection

André Marcha

Comptoir Suisse Sarl

Ziad Sal (Joaillerie Viviane Debbas)

General Instruments Sarl


Yeprem Jewellery Sarl

Index Smart Furniture Center Sarl

Gipsy Co.

Le Massif Sarl

Librairie Saint Paul

Iwan Maktabi Sal

Semtri Sarl (Boutique Michel Semaaan)


Issa Haddad Jewellery

Austrian Coins & Security Printing, ACSP

Attoule Bross

Hotel Equipment & Development Co. (Hotedco)

Hanna Jewellery Sal

Gilar Sarl

Rayana's Sarl

Royal Gold MA

Société Fils G. Oubary

Shammas Sal

Yessayan Jewellery Sarl


Fly Away Sarl

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