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Big Foot

E & C Sal

Naboulsi (Men's Fashion)

BONJA group s.a.l

Rasash Sal

Georges Hobeika Atelier Sal

Shahbaz Shoes

Lorna & Jean Co. Sarl

Baywatch Sports

Tchooz Shoes Sal

Ets. Commercial Centre Al-Mahmoud

Samir Sport

Dépêche Mode S.a.r.l.

Boustany Sport (Sporting High)

Match for Marketing International Sarl, MFM

Go Sport

Princesse & Sultan

Coach Sarl

Dagher Design Sarl (Atelier Mireille Dagher)


Karen & Lynne Sarl

Rima Bohsali

Venise Verte

Elie Saab Liban s.a.l

Viril Sarl

Boutique Francesco Fiordelli


Soldini Sarl

Moazzen Fashion Group Sarl

Trends International Franchising Co. Ltd

Elanja Sal

Glowbal Import Export Sarl (Global Import Export)

M. Special Car Armoring, MSCA

Tornado Trading Company Sarl

Global Retail Sal

Guisso Bros Haute Couture Sal

Jean Paul Karadjian

Galop Sal

Habli Leather Tannery

Bougast Trading Co. Sal

Precision Engineering & Marketing, PEM

Aranco International Sal

Sirajart Sarl

Oceane Sarl

Landmark Retail Lebanon Sarl

Dika International Sal

Kafa'at for Industry & Trading Sarl

Sarah's Bag Sarl

Exford Shoes for Industry & Trade Sarl

Liban Uniform Sal

Zeinaldine Haute Couture Sarl

DT Jeans Sarl

Abou-Zeki Marketing & Trading Co. - T.A.F. Sarl

Secile Sarl

Ets. Abi-Nasr

Jawdat Ejjeh & Sons Sal

Diamond Rose

Hachem Center Sarl

Toufic Hatab Fashion

Fouad Darcy Trading Co. Sarl

FABA - Grand Magasin

Dareen International Sarl

Cooxie Trading Sal

Hatem Company

Polyknit Sarl

Garocco Co. Sarl

Cottage Sarl

Uni-Pro Rassam Company Sarl (Michel Bassil Rassam Uniforms)

Sports Life Sarl

Clara General Trading


Wedding Day Sarl

Issam & Partners Sarl

Cuirel Leather Products Sarl


Famode Sarl

A.E.C. Fibres & Chemicals Sal (Off-Shore)

Gemy New Fashion (Ajjane & Co.)

House of Silk (Kamal Hamdan & Sons)

Victor Azzam & Fils Sarl

J.M.D.T sarl, JMDT

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