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Socks Ltd

Noni Sal


Beydoun for the Shoe Industry Sarl

Fils Wehbé Rassam Sarl

Khatib Bros Co. - Red Shoe Sal

Chirak Establishment

Romance Sal

Rotex (Wahid Trading & Industry Co.)

Elie Khoubbieh

Moussa Fakhoury & Co. Sarl

Marketing Industrial Supplies Group Sarl


Loisir Distribution Sarl

Leon Bros Sal

Nuova Promoda

Dabaji pour le Commerce Sal

Pandely Bonja & Fils


HomeTrust Sal

Feitrouni Confection Sarl


Florina Co. Sarl

Joseph & Michel Nahas Sarl, J.M.N


Joe Marine


Hana Trading Co. Sal

Abbas Sheikh-Ali Est.

Badr & Chehab Co. for Clothes

Société Fils Joseph Abi-Semaan pour le Commerce Sal (Josons)


Kamel Tanning Sarl, Kameltan

Arletta Moda

Sarah's Bag Sarl

Glowbal Import Export Sarl (Global Import Export)

Exford Shoes for Industry & Trade Sarl

IMCO Line International Sarl


Brand Name Development Sal

Zuhair Murad Sarl

Ets. Antoine Nakhlé


Cosy Establishment

Dagher Sport


Gaby Creation

Sposamia Sarl

Chez Pierre

Maria Pino Sarl


Point Carré

Etablissement Nazem Chamaa & Co. (Chamaa Boutique)

Party World Group Sarl

Alpha Co. Sarl

YK Creations by Youssef Kamoun



Look In

Boula Trading

Wedding Day Sarl

Cuirel Leather Products Sarl

A.E.C. Fibres & Chemicals Sal (Off-Shore)

Jawdat Ejjeh & Sons Sal

Mouftah El Chark Sarl

B & B Industry Sarl

Mike Sport & Co. Sal

Jean Fares Couture (TM) Sal

AMCCO GROUP LTD (Antoine Abdelmassih & Sons)

Robert Amm et Fils

Khatib Co. for General Trade Sarl, KGT

Mansour Establishment (La Rose)

Centre Harika pour les Articles Médicaux Sal

Fashion Trading Company Sarl

Azzi Sport Marine Sarl

Uni-Pro Rassam Company Sarl (Michel Bassil Rassam Uniforms)

Cottage Sarl


Image Sarl

Shin Tan

Retail Group Sarl

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