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Khalil Khattab Maktex Co. Sal

Adyar Coop (Association Cooperative d'Agriculture et d'Industrialisation)

Chamsine Bakeries & Pastry Halate Sarl

Vigna Verde Sarl

Global Foods Sal

Dal Mare Group Sarl

Vallée Lamartine Sarl


Lebanese Company for Modern Food Industry Sarl (Gardenia Grain D'Or)

Halim Hanna & Company S.A.L.

Café Abi Nasr (Rafic Abi Nasr Establishment)

Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Co. Sal

Domaine de Baal Sarl

Pointure Sal

Sarkis Lteif & Sons Sal

Conserves Modernes Chtaura Sal

B Food Sal

Georges N Tabet et Fils

Dermapro Sarl

Maison M Sal

Sons of Mohsen Haidar

Jana Al Ard Food Stuff Sarl

Société Tabet Diffusion Sal

The Roaster Sal

Oriflame Cosmetics Lebanon LLC

Patisserie et Boulangerie Automatique Al-Oumara

Helbawi Bros Co. Sarl

Delta Group Co.

Boulangerie Keyrouz Sarl

Amine Aour - Middle East Foods Sal

Elias Abou-Samra et Fils - La Cigale Sal

A La Maison Les Bains Et Companies Sarl

Société Libanaise de Boissons (Bechir Mechaalany et Fils)

Ahmed M.S Al Dirani & Bros Factory

Hawa Chicken Broiler Produce & Distributive Co. Sal


Abdelsater Group Sarl

Lebanon Poultry

Radar Group Co. for Industry of Clothes & General Trade Sarl

Biomass Sal

Chamsine Bakeries & Pastry - Bar Elias Sarl

KARSAM Middle East Sarl (A Karsam Company) (KARSAM (M.E.) Axon Sarl)

Lebanese Company for Industry of Food Products, LINFO Company Sarl

Rungimex Sal

Dar Al-Outour Sarl

Mechanical Mehdi Bakery

Radisson Beauty Sarl

Post Shop Sarl

Bread House Co. for Commerce & Industry Sarl

Mazraet Taanayel Zahleh Sal

Elto Trading Sarl

Khochman & Jomaa Company Sarl

Top Line Group for General Trading and Services Sarl

MNM Investments Lebanon Sal

L'Atelier du Miel Sarl

Farah Group Sarl

Jreissati Entreprises Sal

Halsa Sarl

Bioland Sarl

Bread Butiq Sal

Healthy Basket Sal

Succo Juicery Sal

Adonis Valley

International Brands Incorporated Sal, IBI

Jezzine Zahrani for Development Sal

Adel Chauki Masri & Co.

Crystal'in Sarl

All Fresh Sal

Pancrop Supplies & Services Sarl

Temrawi Foods Sarl

Hachichit Albé

Cascia Sal

Ultima Sarl

Bread Basket Square Sal

Smart Logistics Sal

Live Organic Sal

L'Organique Sarl

Yago Foods

Al Malaab Supermarket

Byblos Home Sarl

Nicolas Abou Fayssal Trading (Gardenia Grain D'Or)

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