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Silver Wings Sarl

North Marina Touristic Co. Sal

Laklouk Village Vacances Sal

Barbar Restaurants Co. ltd

Kevin's Sarl

Camelot Hotel

Lebanon Roots Sarl

Coffee Lounge Sal

Le Marin

Transport & Tourism Services Sal

The Royal Air Services Sarl (Royal Jordanian)

Gold Sal

Cater Inc. Sarl

Azurama Hotel

Sarco - Tourisme, Voyages & Commerce

Maison du Pain

Hôtel Coin Vert Sarl (Bteich Trading Co.)


Rafic Rida International Co. Sarl

Café Younes Sal

Connect Lines Sarl

Royal Leen

Sultan El-Roumiyeh

Green Hill Hotel


Alpha Club Sal

First Diana Travel

Imperial Suites Hotel

Marble Tower Tourism Co. Sal

Main Street Sal

Caterers, Developers & Contractors Ltd, CDC

Hot Bread Sarl

Royal Garden Sarl

City Star Sarl

Nutrition and Diet Center Sarl (Member of Nutrition and Diet Center International)

El Ajouz Travel Tourism Sarl

Ideal Properties Sal

Restaurant Le Chef

Restaurant Fakhreddine

Yatec Sarl

Supermarket Dfouni, Super Dfouni

Sonomar Trust Co. Sal

The Four Stars Hotel Sal

Eddé Travel

Les Chapiteaux Sarl

Global Travel Sarl

Central Supply Sal

Duo Sal

Le Maillon Sal

Travel & More Sal


Ibex Ecotourism Sarl

Falafel Abou André

Casablanca Sarl

Nashi Travel & Tourism

Maatouk Maison du Café Sal

F & B Factory Sal (Diwan Beirut)

United Enterprises Est.

Mon Marechal Sarl

Twins Hotel

Gemmayzeh Pubs & Restaurants Sal

Nasr Miramar Touristic Co. Sal

White Holiday Sarl - Middle East Tour Operators

Etablissement Hotelier pour le Tourisme (Hotel Beau Rivage)

Bella Riva Sarl

Société des Motels Touristiques Sarl

Millennium Fashion Group Sal (MFG)

Saffron Sal

301 Entertainment Sal

Cocktail Maroji

Metropolitan City Center Sal, Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel

Express Chicken Sarl

AlFajr Square Sarl

Société Hôtelière de Vinci Sal

Belmont Hotel Sarl

Société des Bains De Mer Sal - (SBM)

Square Café Co. LLC

Wissco Sal

Bridges Tours Sarl

Mikana Sarl

Lebanese Gourmet Sal

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