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Measuring and testing equipment
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Pevatech International Sarl

International Machinery & Generators Sarl (IMG)

Numed sarl


Stationery Mohamed Mansour

Simac Sal (Off-Shore)

Zmerly & Co. Sarl (Zmerly Smart Heating)

Diabco Stationery

Cheico (Elias Chaiban & Co.)

Fady Ernest Tehini & Cie

Tabbara General Company Sal

Standard Machines & Supplies (SMS)

Power Tech Sarl

Solectron Sarl (Société Libanaise d'Electricité & d'Electronique)

Al Bonian General Contracting, Trading & Industry Sal (World of Light & Electricity Sal)

Tecsol Sal (Off-shore)

Sydis Sarl (Synergie Distribution)

Al-Rawan Company for General Contracting & Trading s.a.r.l.

Optical, Technical & Medical Instruments Sarl, Optemed

Eastern Scientific Co. Sarl, ESCO

Jabbour Library

Bardawil Chemicals

Polaris Automation Systems Sarl

Advanced Solutions Sarl

StarLine Trading Co. Ltd.

Intertech Group Sal

Hassane Brothers for Trading & General Trade Sarl

Sima International Sarl

Autrac Trading Ltd

The Daily Press

Gilar Sarl

Akar & Tabet

Contracom International

Pro Power Equipment

Teletel Electronic Communication Systems

Valiza Trading Co.

Overseas Consultants

Baladi Frères Sal

Kassab Co. Sarl

I. Hakim-Dowek & Sons Sal

Industrial Technologies Sal, ITEC

EMACO Sarl (The Electro-Mechanical Applications Co.)

Turk Stationery

Pneumatic Systems & Solutions Sal, PSS

Farjallah Trading Company S.A.L., FTC

Caporal et Moretti Sal

S. & A.S. Co. Ltd (Security & Automation Systems)

Azar Fire Protection Sal

Fadelec Sarl

Dar El-Chimal Sal

City Stationery Co.

Spectro Ltd.

BCC Services Sarl


Progress Engineering & Trading Enterprises

N. Bosnoyan et Fils Sal

Caretek Sal

Comptoir d'Electricité Générale - Liban

Fabria Trading Company Sarl

C.B.A. Commercial Business Association Sarl

Wadih Jreissati et Fils Sal

Librairie Halim

Georges Bakhos Co. for Trading & Contracting Ltd (Geobaco Ltd)

Unlimited Technological Systems Sal, UTS

Tomado Sarl

NETCOM Sarl (Network & Communication Systems)

United Telecom Company Sarl

Simon Electric Center Sal

Penbox Sarl

Medilab Sal

Obegi Consumer & Home Solutions Sal

The Industrial Engineering Co. Sarl (IDEKO)

Gabriel Acar & Fils Sarl

Creative Hardware for Integrated Products - Chip Sal, Chip

Zoran Sal

Itihad Bookshop

Armobel for Industry & Trade

Pen Up International Group Sarl

Vast Sarl

Hoshan Middle East Sarl

Turk Stationery Sal

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