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Heatra Sarl

Louis Trading Sarl

El Ghoul Home Sarl

Electronic World

Yammine Trading Company Sarl

RTC Sawma

Lebanese Co. for Industrial Investments

Yammine International Sal (Off-Shore)

Khoury Home Appliances Sal

Two Ways Trading Co. Sarl

Ayoub General Trading Co. Sarl

Equip' Hotel Lebanon Sal

Mohamed Houssami & Sons

Etablissement Lawandos

George James & Co. Sal

Jean Mouhawege Est.

Jean Azar Sarl

Techno Group Sarl

Romex s.a.r.l.

Electro Group International Sarl, EGI

Sfeir Industries Sarl

Sons of Mohsen Haidar

Solarco Maintenance & Installation Sal

Premium Care Sal

Lawandos Trading

François Chelala Trading Est.

Atomium (Nabil Mourad & Maya Younes)

Abdelhussein Badran Trading Co. (Société Abed Badran)

Hajj Electronics Sarl

Zeidan Center Trading Co.

G. Sarkissian & Sons

Cosema Co.

Nassif Printing Supplies s.a.r.l.

Framco Sarl (Francois Mehchy & Co.)

Ets. Jadir

az-electronic s.a.l.

Kitcherama Sal

Malifer Corporation Sal

Lebanese Explosives Co. Sarl

Filnatex Establishment

Ayoub Beainou & Sons Co.

Société Générale de Nettoyage et de Commerce (La Primera) (La Primera)

Droguerie Mercury Sal

Oubari Lebanon

Omar Fahel & Co.

Fares Madi & Co. Sarl

General Trading Co. Sal (Getco s.a.l.)

Sora Trading & Industrial Co. Sarl

Filnatex Group Sarl

Global Electric Sarl

Gram Ltd.

Sfeir Industries International Sal (Off-shore)

Vresso S.A.L

HK General Trading Sarl

El Yaman Group Sarl

Oumnia by Nivine Maktabi

Ghoul Trading Est.

Noura Trading

Badaoui Frères

Mega Vending Sarl

Global Laundry Sarl

C & P Kouyoumji Sarl

Georges Issa Trading Co. LTD

Aliceco Sarl (Elias El-Khoury & Sons)

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