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Caisse Nationale de la Sécurité Sociale

Branches: Dora branch Off Dora highway, Bauchrieh (Metn) Tel.+961-1-892404 Beirut branch Beirut Tel.+961-1-826363 Badaro branch Badaro street, Parc sector, Beirut Tel.+961-1-380351/2 Saida branch Saida (Saida) Tel.+961-7-722610 Jounieh branch Jounieh (Kesrouane) Tel.+961-9-932526 Tripoli branch Tripoli (Tripoli) Tel.+961-6-628421 Tyr branch Tyr (Tyr) Tel.+961-7-741062 Zahleh branch Zahleh (Zahleh) Tel.+961-8-805144 Ghobeiri branch Ghobeiri (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-277315 Chehim branch Chehim (Chouf) Tel.+961-7-241541 Choueifate branch Choueifate (Aley) Tel.+961-5-433200 Achrafieh branch Achrafieh sector, Beirut Tel.+961-1-423538 Rafic Hariri International Airport branch Rafic Hariri International Airport, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-628000 Electricité du Liban branch Al-Nahr street, Beirut Tel.+961-1-446859 Tebnine branch Tebnine (Bint Jbeil) Tel.+961-7-325269 Baalbeck branch Baalbeck (Baalbeck) Tel.+961-8-373778 Jbeil branch Jbeil (Jbeil) Tel.+961-9-545201 Chekka branch Chekka (Batroun) Tel.+961-6-540568 Zghorta branch Zghorta (Zghorta) Tel.+961-6-660171 Batroun branch Batroun (Batroun) Tel.+961-6-742598 Beiteddine branch Beiteddine (Chouf) Tel.+961-5-301748 Bcharreh branch Bcharreh (Bcharreh) Tel.+961-6-671030 Halba branch Halba (Akkar) Tel.+961-6-690545 Amioun branch Amioun (Koura) Tel.+961-6-651393 Batroun Hospital branch Batroun (Batroun) Tel.+961-6-642017 Aley branch Aley (Aley) Tel.+961-5-554499 Bourj Brajneh branch Airport road, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda) Tel.+961-1-450011/2 Bteghrine branch Bteghrine (Metn) Tel.+961-4-271410 Jezzine branch Jezzine (Jezzine) Tel.+961-7-781757 Nabatieh branch Nabatieh (Nabatieh) Tel.+961-7-764578 Marjeyoun branch Marjeyoun (Marjeyoun) Tel.+961-7-831012 Baabdate branch Baabdate & Sfayle (Metn) Tel.Tel: +961-4-820319 Hammana branch Hammana (Baabda) Tel.Tel: +961-5-530855 Ghazieh branch Ghazieh (Saida) Tel.Tel: +961-7-223457

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  • Public administration
  • International organisations, administrations and associations
  • State pension funds
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