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Metal constructions for the building industry
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Baroud Steel Industries Sarl

Multiglass Sarl

HMD Africa Sal (Off-shore) (Heavy Machinery Dealership)

Roots International Sal (Off-Shore)

Emporio Ceramico Sal

King Al Janoub for the Industry & Trade of Building Materials Sarl

Aluspec Sarl

Makki Co. for General Trade Sarl

Melki Stand Sarl

G2 Metals Contracting Sarl

Bayco Steel Co.

Derviche Haddad PPB Structures Sal

Staluglass Co. Sarl

Doors & Gates Sarl

Simac Sal (Off-Shore)

TB Steel Sarl

Salazarco Hardware Sarl

AG Building Systems Sal

Flex-Stone Sarl

Rizkallah for Trading & Industry

Al Ahmar Metal Sarl

Third Dimension Metals Sarl

Zmerly & Co. Sarl (Zmerly Smart Heating)

IGC Sal (Off-Shore)

Soubra Metal Group Sarl

Mezher Steel Structure s.a.r.l.

Tahan Engineering, Trading & Contracting Co. Sarl (Tetco)


Mecanix Sal

Tarhini for General Trade


OTECO S.a.r.l., Antoine A. Osta & Sons' Company


Nazih Abou-Erem Aluminium Industry

Hassan Jamal & Fils Sarl

Universal Technique for Aluminium Sarl, UNITAL

Sami Hert & Sons Sarl

General Association for Trade, Industry & Contracting Sarl (Gatico Sarl)

Khaled & Mohamed Ayouch

Electro Mechanical Technology Co. Sarl, E M Tech Co.

Zawaya Aluminium Sarl

Ijazi Investment Company Ltd IIC

Ets. Maksoud

National Plast

Slomia Sarl

M. Riz

Hammoud's Trading Est

Tecmo Sal

Algsco Sarl


Georges & Elias Nasr Ets.

Sakr Aluminium Steel & Stainless Steel Sarl

Alubatec Sal

Memaco (Metal & Industrial Equip Trade Co.)

Taleb & Co.

Le Bouquet

GMK Sarl

Farja for General Contracting Sarl

Chaaban Bros

Fitzpatrick Sal

Silverdeco Sarl

Ets Vartan Narciss

Laboué Sanitary


Abdallah Hassan Hatoum Est.

Salloum Group Sarl

Five Lines Glass Co. Sarl

Abdelrida Mohamad Mroueh Est., MrouehPlast

Etablissements Derviche Y. Haddad Sarl

Lebanese Profile Co. Sarl (Proleco)

Polaris Automation Systems Sarl

Advanced Construction Technology in Engineering & Aluminium Sarl, ACTE Aluminium

Nassouh Adib Abi Dargham Est., NAD

Betico Co. Sarl

Milad Abou-Rejeily General Contracting Sarl, MAR Contracting

Proshade Sal

Gaby Janho & Co.

Lenco Bitar Sarl

Demachkié & Co.


MG Arts

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