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Metal constructions for the building industry
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Naggiar Trading Sal

Nafco Steel Engineering Sal

Betra Engineering

Dalal Steel Industries

Gresam Company Sal

Takla Trading Ltd

Plasty Foam Itani for Trading & Industry Sarl

Philippe Khair et Frères Sal

Mecanix Sal

Mitsulift Lebanon SAL


Fitzpatrick Sal

Silverdeco Sarl

Farja for General Contracting Sarl

Chaaban Bros

M.M.S. Co. - The Modern Machine Shop, MMS

GMK Sarl

Laboué Sanitary

Bayco Steel Co.

Technoservices Sarl


Robert Khoury Sal

Etancheite & Isolation Geara Sarl

Polymark Trading & Contracting

Builtec Corporation Sal

Robert Kashouh Trading & Manufacturing Co. Sarl (RKC)

Hanna Nahra Est.

Shammas Aluminium Sarl

Modern House Co. (Halik & Co.)


TechnoShade Sarl

Elie Bahnam Est. Sarl


Trevi Liban for General Trade & Enterprises Sarl

Gaby Janho & Co.

SD Furniture Factory & Contracting

Daccache Trading Est.

Libel Sarl

Afif Hamdoun Trading Co.

Tekna Group International Sarl

Netco Sarl

Entretien & Constructions Mécaniques Sal, ECM

Cottage Sarl

Fenestra Windows Sarl

Electronic Services Company (ESCO), Fathallah & Co. (ESCO)

Automation & Security Co. Sarl

Profilor Sarl


Tecmo Sal


Hammoud's Trading Est

Algsco Sarl

Fakhry Trading Company Sarl

COTRAC Sarl (Construction Trading Company)

International Supply Consultant Sarl

Memaco (Metal & Industrial Equip Trade Co.)

Le Bouquet

Taleb & Co.

Slomia Sarl

M. Riz

La Maison de la Cheminée Sarl

Alumatec - U.T.C.I. (United Trading, Contracting & Industrial Est.)


Zaidan House Sal (Sicome Sal)

Steel Construction Factory


Orfali Frères pour l'Industrie Moderne

Sultan Steel Sarl

Jabre Trading & Contracting Sarl

Leeds International Sal


Universal Technique for Aluminium Sarl, UNITAL

Unitech ME Sarl

Gebco Steel Industry Sarl (GSI)

Cherfan Design Sal

Ets. M. Charabati

Akiki Engineering Est.

SBS International Sarl

Hamdoun International Tools

Ali Dalbani Est.

Batco Sal (Badawi Azour Trading & Contracting)

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