Sulseam - Sulseam16 Fruit Wine of Sulseam


Description of the Service

Sulseam 16
Sulseam 16 is Fruit Liquor Wine. Main ingredient is Schizandra berry. It contains a deep aroma and flavor of Schizandra berry by leaching out pure schizandra.
We are not using any artificial additives. All ingredients of Sulseam 16 are Schizandra berry, Rice, Yeast and Water.

Top quality Korean Schizandra Berry
- We are using the best Schizandra berry in Korea as main ingredient.
- You can feel rich aroma and flavor. Sweet, sour and Fruity.

How to enjoy Sulseam16
- Sulseam16 is a drink that anyone can enjoy easily, because the overall taste is light and refreshing.
- The fruity taste and flavor of Sulseam16 go well with all foods.
- You also can make cocktail with Sulseam16. Just mix soda or Tonic water with it.

Price and payment

From 4.25 USD
  • Bank transfer

Characteristics of the Service

  • Type Fruit Wine
  • Model SS-04
  • Dimension 375ml
  • Brand Sulseam
  • Certification KFRI
  • Label Bottle packing
  • Origin South Korea

Category of the Service