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Edit PDF Easily with Online PDF Editor
  • Edit PDF Easily with Online PDF Editor
Millions of people worldwide are using pdf documents to share official and personal information. If you are using these documents, you need appropriate tools for creating and editing them. Software providers have come up with many pdf editor applications to improve the experience of using PDF. Getting the best tool is not easy for beginners, as mos...

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Millions of people worldwide are using pdf documents to share official and personal information. If you are using these documents, you need appropriate tools for creating and editing them. Software providers have come up with many pdf editor applications to improve the experience of using PDF. Getting the best tool is not easy for beginners, as most of these applications do not deliver their end of the bargain. Also, while some of the features are common, output quality is not always the best.

It becomes time-consuming for users to find the best-suited software for their use. Therefore, you need to understand the best tools and what they get to offer, as this will help you choose the best software to use.  I have had my share of trouble with pdf editing software, and I am hereby providing you with some of the best PDF editor tools for all your document needs.

Best PDF Editor Tools

Lumin PDF

Users widely prefer Lumin PDF due to its range of features and ease of use. Whether you are a student, teacher, or business, Lumin online pdf editor offers the following solutions to your document needs:

Real-time sync: When you share documents among more than one user, it becomes tedious to make edits, save and send between one user and the other. And in the end, the communication is broken as the users experience challenges identifying the final documents. Lumin pdf comes with a solution to this problem as it enables the user to make changes in a shared document in real-time. These changes are also visible to others users with access to the document. This feature makes communication easier in organizational departments and learning institutions, sharing information among groups or teams.

Annotation tools: one of the basic reasons for using pdf editing software is to create, access and edit pdf online free of charge. Lumin pdf offers different annotation properties: you use it to include text, images, and shapes in documents. Also, when required, you can easily create and include e signatures to the document or forms using the software. This aspect saves the user substantial time as there is no need to print, sign, and scan documents.

Cloud integration; one of the greatest fears when working on projects and urgent documents is loss. Even after saving your work, you still run a risk of loss due to your device’s technical problems and accidental deletion of information. If you ever lost a critical document, you will appreciate the availability of Lumin pdf editor. This software automatically saves your work on the cloud Google drive, cloud, Lumin or dropbox, eliminating any fears of loss.

Autosaving; when using Lumin, you don’t need to keep saving your work as the software automatically saves your work. Traditionally, it would have been prudent to keep saving your documents, and the auto-recovery feature does not always save all the changes on your work. Be it with school projects, personal documents, or professional work, and your projects are always safe with Lumin pdf.

Collaboration; Lumin PDF takes document sharing to the next level. Where teams are involved, the back and forth emailing of documents is time-consuming and can break the communication channel. Lumin shared documents takes care of this problem by enabling teams to work on the same document in real-time. Therefore, remote teams involved can chat over a document and make the appropriate changes on their projects without any physical interaction. This feature has saved individuals and institutions a lot of financial and time resources. Consequently, work is accomplished faster, and productivity goes higher.

Cross-platform; Lumin pdf does not have limitations to the device operating system you are using. As a result, you can access and work on your documents on the go. You can choose to have this easy to use online pdf editor installed on your phone, tablet or computer for ease of access, and regardless of the device, you are using you get the same high-quality output from the software. Also, you don’t need to have the pdf editor app downloaded on your device as you can still access the services from your browser.

Google Classroom integration; Lumin application offers solutions to businesses, individuals and learners. The Google classroom feature is one of the widely used platforms for enhancing learning through sharing information in classrooms in learning institutions. Lumin users have an avenue of documents on Google classroom for educational purposes, which enhances the experience for both learners and their tutors.

Safety; apart from the loss of documents, Lumin also safeguard the users against theft and misuse of sensitive information. Consequently, no one has access to your work unless you allow it, and their systems don’t store files you store on the cloud or Google drive. Also, where teams are involved, information is not easily deleted by any individual members as they have to transfer ownership or disable the members.

Other top rated pdf editors

There are other PDF editing software that also provides high-quality features, and they include:

·         Small pdf : it offers most of the basic editing features for free, allowing the users to access, convert, edit pdf file s, sign and share pdf documents. You can also use this application to compress your document or merge several documents.
·         Pdf escape; like any other pdf editor,  it offers free and subscription packages where users can view and edit PDF file online and create PDFs from their browser. Users can also annotate, complete forms and include passwords to protect their work.
·         Sejda; this is another widely used pdf text editor with a wide range of properties. You can easily create, edit, merge, compress, fill forms, sign, delete pages and crop as desired from the browser or using the app.
·         Adobe acrobat pro; this is a free pdf editor that allows users to access and edit their work. Most people have this easy pdf editor already installed on their devices due to its ease of use in organising documents.
·         Foxit phantom pdf; offers most of the basic editing features for free such as viewing pdf documents and digital signatures. Alternatively, you can choose other paid-for features for personal and business needs.


The best pdf editor s are easy to use, offering users a wide range of solutions for their documents. Access to the right pdf editing tool enhances the ease of access, editing and sharing work. Lumin pdf has both free and paid for properties that will improve your work’s speed and efficiency. Communication is more efficient when teams are involved professionally or in a classroom setting.  You can use the software from your browser or download the pdf editor for pc or pdf editor mac for ease of use on your device. All in all, you are not limited to using Lumin pdf as other tools offer high-quality results for your documents, as we saw above. 

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