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Company Summary

In line with the universal banking model, SGBL's activities are organized around four core businesses: retail, private, corporate and investment banking. Our banking services encompass a wide range of diversified, standard as well as tailor-made services that are conceived to answer the broadest range of our customers' needs.

Branches: Greater Beirut
Ashrafieh - Hotel Dieu
Ground floor, Sehnaoui building, Alfred Naccache street, Hotel Dieu sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-427541,422558/9; Fax.+961-1-427541
Achrafieh - Sagesse
Hikmeh street, Hikmeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-200528/9; Fax.+961-1-200528
Airport road
Allied center, Airport road, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-453000; Fax.+961-1-451192
Middle East building, Sami Solh avenue, Parc sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-386295,386297; Fax.+961-1-386296
Barbir area, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-659693,630983; Fax.+961-1-647305
Bourj El Barajneh
Ain El-Sekkeh area, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-451137/8; Fax.+961-1-451139
Chiah - Al Ariss
Mar Mekhael church street, Chiyah (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-277832; Fax.+961-1-277835
Chiyah Moucharrafieh
Taleb building, Moucharafieh area, Chiyah (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-277311/3; Fax.+961-1-545993
Mahdi Nasser building, Main road, Ghobeiri (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-856116/7; Fax.+961-1-841431
Banque du Liban street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-350020/1; Fax.+961-1-751764
Hamra Makdessi
Serhal & Massabki building, Makdissi street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-346090; Fax.+961-1-346090
Hady Nasrallah boulevard, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-465084/5/6; Fax.+961-1-465084
Old Saida road, Kfarchima bridge, Kfarchima (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-470091; Fax.+961-5-470091
COOP building, Highway, Khaldeh area, Choueifate (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-800184/803990; Fax.+961-5-803151
Mar Elias
Hamzeh Sabeh center, Mar Elias street, Mar Elias sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-312223/4; Fax.+961-1-309231
Mama street, Mazraa sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-818155/6; Fax.+961-1-314794
Riad El-Solh
Banks street, Riad Solh square, Nejmeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-980783/4; Fax.+961-1-980785
Lagos center, Sadat street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-743075/7; Fax.+961-1-743076
Independence street, Sassine Square, Achrafieh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-200525,215513; Fax.+961-1-200526
Debs building, Ashrafieh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-219070/1/2; Fax.+961-1-219073
Saint Charles - Mina El Hosn
Saint Charles City Center, Omar Daouk street, Minet El-Hosn sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-366337; Fax.+961-1-366337
Saint Nicolas
Wadih Naim street, Furn El-Hayek sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-322740/1/2/3; Fax.+961-1-322740
Hamadeh building, Unesco crossroad, Mousseitbeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-796200; Fax.+961-1-786056
Debs & Ammar building, Rachid Karameh street, Ain El-Tineh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-860703/4; Fax.+961-1-860706

Mount Lebanon
Main road, Ajaltoun (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-230683/4; Fax.+961-9-231065
Near Saint Elie church, Antélias (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-410480/1; Fax.+961-4-402137
Next to Serail, Baabda (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-468135,468770; Fax.+961-5-468065
Saint Coeur building, Main square, Bikfaya (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-986271/2; Fax.+961-4-981392
Bourj Hammoud
Municipality square, Bourj Hammoud (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-258883/4,255993,259991; Fax.+961-1-259992
Elias Kanaan center, Main road, Broummana (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-961538,963652; Fax.+961-4-961539
Road leading to the Outside parking of Le Mall Dbayeh from Beirut, Dbayeh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-402312; Fax.+961-4-402312
Dhour Choueir
Main square, Dhour Choueir (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-390352,319129; Fax.+961-4-390574
Ghantous building, Highway, Dora area, Bourj Hammoud (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-250222; Fax.+961-1-250222
Furn El Chebbak
Gharios center, Main road, Furn El Chebbak (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-289143,291992; Fax.+961-1-293631
Slaiby building, Ghazir junction, Ghazir (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-856051/2/3/4; Fax.+961-9-856051
Horch Tabet
Tayar center, Horge Tabet area, Sin El-Fil (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-512550/3; Fax.+961-1-512552
Jal El-Dib
Oscar Center, Main road, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-713000; Fax.+961-4-713000
Jbeil - Municipality
Next to Municipality, Jbeil (Jbeil)
Tel.+961-9-542900; Fax.+961-9-542900
Jbeil - Souk
Saliba building, Old Souk, Jbeil (Jbeil)
Tel.+961-9-541170,949316; Fax.+961-9-540877
Monte Libano building, Nahr El-Mote area, Jdeideh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-893555,895044; Fax.+961-1-884237
Jounieh - Apôtres
College des Apôtres street, Ghadir (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-643510; Fax.+961-9-643510
Jounieh - Haret Sakher
Stella Maris building, Banque du Liban street, Haret Sakhre (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-936522,936801; Fax.+961-9-831714
La Perla building, Highway, Kaslik area, Sarba (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-640037,640716; Fax.+961-9-831715
Mansourieh - Boulevard
Main road, Mansourieh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-533281; Fax.+961-4-533281
Mar Takla - Hazmieh
Mar Takla area, Hazmieh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-455900; Fax.+961-5-455900
Mazraat Yachouh - Elyssar
Main road, Elisar area, Mazraet Yachouh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-916551/2; Fax.+961-4-916553
Saloumeh - Dekwaneh
SGBL building, Saloumeh roundabout, Dekouaneh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-483001,499813; Fax.+961-1-502820
Sin El Fil - Boulevard
Sin El-Fil boulevard, Horge Tabet area, Sin El-Fil (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-482430; Fax.+961-1-482430
Zouk Mosbeh
Facing NDU, Jeita roundabout, Jeita (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-226640; Fax.+961-9-226640

Main road, Abdeh (Akkar)
Tel.+961-6-471041/3; Fax.+961-6-471044
Obeid building, Main road, Amioun (Koura)
Tel.+961-6-950723,950962; Fax.+961-6-952762
Najem building, Main Entrance, Batroun (Batroun)
Tel.+961-6-744288; Fax.+961-6-744288
Massoud building, Main road, Halba (Akkar)
Tel.+961-6-692743; Fax.+961-6-692743
Main road, Kfarakka (Koura)
Tel.+961-6-952900,953535; Fax.+961-6-952901
Tripoli - Al Maarad
Tripoli Center, Maarad street, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-435222; Fax.+961-6-435221
Tripoli - Bechara El Khoury
Ghanem building, Boulevard, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-442084/5/6; Fax.+961-6-442148
Tripoli - Fouad Chehab
Boulevard, Facing CNSS, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-441043,624988; Fax.+961-6-430321
Tripoli - Mina
Farah center, Mina street, Tripoli(Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-424048,442549; Fax.+961-6-442594

Nabatieh - Mahmoud Fakih street
Daher center, Mahmoud Fakih street, Nabatieh (Nabatieh)
Tel.+961-7-760256; Fax.+961-7-760256
Nabatieh - Main Road
Main road, Hay El-Bayad, Nabatieh (Nabatieh)
Tel.+961-7-764204/5; Fax.+961-7-768288
Saida - Jezzine Street
Golden Tower building, Jezzine street, Saida (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-724704,725549; Fax.+961-7-753945
Saida - Riad El Solh Street
Fakhoury building, Riad Solh street, Saida (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-753001; Fax.+961-7-753001
Sour - Al Massaref Street
Maarouf Sahily building, Banks street, Tyr (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-343420; Fax.+961-7-343420
Sour - Al Ramel
Hay El-Raml, Istiraha street, Tyr (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-741702,349437; Fax.+961-7-740614

SGBL building, Main road, Chtaura (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-540125,542898; Fax.+961-8-543034
Chahine center, Main road, Hermel (Hermel)
Tel.+961-8-200600; Fax.+961-8-200600
Main road, Laboueh (Baalbeck)
Tel.+961-8-230231; Fax.+961-8-230222
Next to Serail, Zahleh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-809700; Fax.+961-8-809700

Sogelease Liban Sal
3rd floor, Building 26 SGBL, Main square, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-723043; Fax.+961-4-723041
Sogecap Liban Sal
Sogecap building, Street no. 41, Sector no. 1, Dekouaneh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-511691; Fax.+961-1-511695
Sehnaoui building, Riad Solh street, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-990600; Fax.+961-1-990610
Centre de Traitement Monétique (CTM)
Achrafieh, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-577612/3/4; Fax.+961-1-577611
The Regional Network:
Societe Generale de Banque - Jordanie (SGBJ)
Building no. 1, Ayla Street, Abdali Development Project, Amman, Jordan
Tel.+962-6-5600300; Fax.+962-6-5693410
Société Générale Bank- Cyprus (SGBCY)
Corner of 88, Digenis Akritas avenue and 36, Kypranoros street, 1061, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.+357-8000-7777; Fax.+357-2239-9700

Main shareholders (as at 31/12/2016):
•Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui
•Kafinvest Holding Lebanon SAL
•Société Générale - France (SA)

Board of directors (as at 31/12/2016):
•Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui (Chairman)
•Mr. Nabil Sehnaoui (Member)
•Mr. Pierre-Fréderic Kamel (Member)
•Kafinvest Holding Lebanon SAL represented by Pierre-Frederic Kamel (Member)
•NSKINV Ltd - represented by Antoun Sehnaoui (Member)
•Société Générale SA - (France) represented by Alexandre Maymat (Member)
•Mr. Jean-Louis Mattei (Member)
•Mr. Ishac Mazen Hanna (Member)
•Mr. Gregoire Lefebvre (Member)
•Mr. Jean-Pierre Ducroquet (Member)

General Information

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui

    Chairman & CEO

  • Mr. P. D.

    Deputy CEO

  • Mr. T. C.

    DGM, Head of Commercial Div, Retail, Corp. & Private Banking

  • Mr. G. S.

    DGM,Group CFO,Head of Bus.Dev.,Strategy & Corporate Secret.

  • Mr. K. L.

    DGM, CEO of Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Ltd

  • Mr. S. M.

    DGM, Head of Systems Division Projects & Infrastructure

  • Mr. I. E.

    Branch Manager - Ashrafieh, Hotel Dieu

  • Ms. T. S.

    Branch Manager - Ashrafieh, Sagesse

  • Mr. H. E.

    Branch Manager - Airport Road

  • Mrs. M. A.

    Branch Manager - Badaro

  • Mrs. R. A.

    Branch Manager - Barbir

  • Mr. H. F.

    Branch Manager - Bourj El Barajneh

  • Mr. S. M.

    Branch Manager - Chiah, Al Ariss

  • Mrs. H. C.

    Branch Manager - Chiah, Moucharrafieh

  • Mr. W. A.

    Branch Manager - Ghobeiry

  • Mr. A. S.

    Branch Manager - Hamra

  • Mrs. M. T.

    Branch Manager - Hamra, Makdessi

  • Mr. F. R.

    Branch Manager - kafaat

  • Ms. C. J.

    Branch Manager - Kfarchima

  • Mr. I. K.

    Branch Manager - Khaldeh

  • Mrs. S. A.

    Branch Manager - Mar Elias

  • Mrs. M. Y.

    Branch Manager - Mazraa

  • Mrs. R. S.

    Branch Manager - Riad El Solh

  • Mrs. R. H.

    Branch Manager - Sadat

  • Mrs. R. M.

    Branch Manager - Sassine

  • Mrs. N. G.

    Branch Manager - Saydeh

  • Mrs. J. M.

    Branch Manager - Saint Charles, Mina El Hosn

  • Mrs. N. B.

    Branch Manager - Saint Nicolas

  • Mr. M. H.

    Branch Manager - Unesco

  • Mrs. H. Y.

    Branch Manager - Verdun

  • Mrs. R. M.

    Branch Manager - Ajaltoun

  • Mr. A. A.

    Branch Manager - Antelias

  • Mrs. M. Y.

    Branch Manager - Baabda

  • Mr. F. Y.

    Branch Manager - Bikfaya

  • Mrs. L. M.

    Branch Manager - Bourj Hammoud

  • Mrs. P. A.

    Branch Manager - Broummana

  • Mr. B. Y.

    Branch Manager - Dbayeh

  • Mr. G. S.

    Branch Manager - Dhour Choueir

  • Mrs. D. A.

    Branch Manager - Dora

  • Mrs. P. A.

    Branch Manager - Furn El Chebbak

  • Mr. C. S.

    Branch Manager - Ghazir

  • Mrs. C. B.

    Branch Manager - Horch Tabet

  • Ms. J. T.

    Branch Manager - Jal El Dib

  • Mrs. G. M.

    Branch Manager - Jbeil, Municipality

  • Mr. J. S.

    Branch Manager - Jbeil, Souk

  • Mrs. P. I.

    Branch Manager - Jdeideh

  • Mr. A. Z.

    Branch Manager - Jounieh, Apôtres

  • Mr. W. S.

    Branch Manager - Jounieh, Haret Sakher

  • Mrs. J. S.

    Branch Manager - Kaslik

  • Mrs. J. M.

    Branch Manager - Mansourieh, Boulevard

  • Mrs. S. K.

    Branch Manager - Mar Takla, Hazmieh

  • Mrs. G. J.

    Branch Manager - Mazraat Yachouhm, Elyssar

  • Mrs. M. E.

    Branch Manager - Saloumeh, Dekwaneh

  • Mr. M. S.

    Branch Manager - Sin El Fil, Boulevard

  • Mr. R. B.

    Branch Manager - Zouk Mosbeh

  • Mr. M. E.

    Branch Manager - Abdeh

  • Mr. G. S.

    Branch Manager - Amioun

  • Mr. A. Y.

    Branch Manager - Batroun

  • Mr. F. G.

    Branch Manager - Halba

  • Mr. G. I.

    Branch Manager - Kfaraaka

  • Mrs. H. E.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Al Maarad

  • Mr. M. H.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Bechara El Khoury

  • Mr. E. G.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Fouad Chehab

  • Mrs. E. N.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Mina

  • Mrs. M. H.

    Branch Manager - Nabatieh, Mahmoud Fakih Street

  • Mr. A. K.

    Branch Manager - Nabatieh, Main Road

  • Mr. F. E.

    Branch Manager - Saida, Jezzine Street

  • Mr. E. A.

    Branch Manager - Saida, Riad El Solh

  • Ms. M. M.

    Branch Manager - Sour, Al Massaref

  • Mrs. A. N.

    Branch Manager - Sour, Al Ramel

  • Mr. G. H.

    Branch Manager - Chtaura

  • Mr. S. H.

    Branch Manager - Hermel

  • Mrs. D. M.

    Branch Manager - Laboueh

  • Mrs. G. H.

    Branch Manager - Zahleh

  • S. .




  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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Société Générale de Banque au Liban Sal

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