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Company Summary

Manufacturers of plastic bags & sacs, paper for gift-wrapping, bag & sac packagings.
Printing services.

Factory & Offices
Industrial area, Choueir (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-390900; Fax.+961-4-390800

Board of directors:
•Mr. Youssef H Habib (Chairman & General Manager)
•Mr. Bassam Y Habib (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Georges Y Habib (Member of the Board)

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Youssef H Habib

    Chairman - General Manager

  • Mr. B. Y. H.

    Production Manager

  • Mr. G. Y. H.

    Purchasing Manager

  • Mrs. N. H.

    Administrative Manager

  • Mr. J. A. R.

    Finance Manager

  • Mr. G. A. G.

    General Consultant

  • Mr. P. A.

    Marketing Manager

  • Mr. M. D.

    Technical Manager

  • Mr. W. J.




  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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