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MPS Korea Co., Ltd.

14, Jungbu-daero 2401beon-gil, Yangji-myeon,Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si
Gyeonggi-do 17162
South Korea

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Golf carts/Lithium-ion battery pack /Electric scooters / electric wheelchairs /components

#Company introduction
Since the establishment in 2002, MPS Korea has become 
a venture capital firm, an Ino-biz company, and has been selected as a G-Star company. 

Some of our fields of specilty, products, and core technology include, but are not limited 
∎ Professionally certified quality management system that meets international standards such asISO9001, ISO14001, and GMP13485 
∎ Main business fields: Golf carts and related parts, lithium battery pack and related parts, manufacturing components
∎ Our company hanlds everything from product design to Maintenance 
    : Product designed by R&D department -> Prototype produced and tested at the factory -> Products certified by accredited institutions according to international standards-> Sales andmaintenance 
∎ Core Products
1. Golf carts
  - Acquired the Golf Cart division of Sanyo in Japan (manufactured and assembled in Korea)
- Concept: Easy-to-use golf cart featuring a stable, environmentally friendly lithium battery pack
  - Technology: A robust body structure, reliable speed control device with user-friendly operation device
 - Customer: Sold to over 100 companies including domestic and international sales
2. Lithium-ion battery pack
   - Concept: Lithium-ion battery pack that can be installed in a wide range of applications from stationary UPS devices to electric vehicle
   - Technology: State of art battery pack technology including battery cell balancing and BMS board and positioning
   - Customer: Golf courses and EV companies
3. Electric scooters / electric wheelchairs
  - Concepts: Electric carts classified as medical devices include scooters / wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled
  - Technology: GMP (ISO9001 / ISO14001) certification, MPS has its own technical capability from product design to production and manufacturing
   - Customer:Network of medical and mobility resale store
∎ Future prospects
    - With the growing of renewable energy market, our company is focused on battery pack applied in electric vehicle and other transportation device. The R&D department is focus
    -MPS Korea Expected to grow into an eco-friendly company through the development of next-generation transportation including silver carts and golf carts using environmental friendly lithium-ion batteries 

#Main product
1.Golf cart- Green Boy 3
2.Electric scooters / electric wheelchairs
3.Electric scooters / electric wheelchairs


General Information

Year established 2002
Co.Registration No 135-81-58767
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 31 3373025
Website http://www.e-mps.co.kr


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Area : Asia-Pacific
Country : Taiwan, China


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    ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP

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    24 Employees


  • 2017

    3,096,420 USD

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    2,237,729 USD

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    1,666,720 USD

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CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Kyeong O NA

Marketing Director/Manager

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Dec 17 2018

[2018 Best Brand in Korea] High-quality multi-purpose industrial electric cart-MPS korea

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