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Company Summary

Supply & production of special chandeliers for hotels, conference halls, restaurants, villas etc.
Interior decoration department (new) study, offer & execution.
Study of lighting projects, production & supply of chandeliers, ceiling fittings, wall fittings of all sizes, shapes & kinds.
Manufacturing of special custom made chandeliers for all kinds of projects.
Participating in tenders.

Main owners:
•Mr. Nabil J Tabet (Owner)

General Information


  • Bohemia Crystal 

    crystal giftware

  • Dr. Chandelier 

    maintenace of lighting fittings

  • Beaumark 

    household giftware

  • Royal Doulton 

    porcelain giftware

  • Weimar 

    porcelain dinner tableware

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Nabil J Tabet

    Managing Director

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