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Masri Credit Reporting Sal

1st floor, Block A, Basha Gardens, Building 7,
Street 83, Pres. Charles Debbas avenue, Jisr El-Bacha, Sector no. 5
Sin El-Fil (Metn) P.O.Box 166-500

Company information Masri Credit Reporting Sal


Masri Credit Reporting Sal, part of Masri Sal Holding, is a provider of on-line and off-line standard commercial, financial and credit information and rating in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) & the GCC region.
Masri Credit Reporting Sal is the principal regional agent & correspondent for several foreign & international business & credit information agencies.
Masri Sal Holding provides management & administrative services to the Company & Associated Companies.

Associated Co.:
Control Union (Middle East) Sarl
Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl
Kompass Lebanon Sarl
Masri Collection Sarl
Masri Sal Holding
Masri Studies & Valuation Sarl
Sadaoui & Masri Surveyors Sarl

Board of directors:
•Mr. Habib K Masri (Chairman & General Manager)
•Mr. Walid A Hayek (Member of the Board)
•Khalil Masri et Fils Sarl (Member of the Board)

General Information

Year established 1997
Registration no. 67097 Baabda
Legal form Sal
Corporate capital 610,000,000 LBP
Type of company Head Office
Fax +961 1 511876
Website http://www.masri.com.lb


  • Bank Audi sal

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    8 Employees

Executives Masri Credit Reporting Sal

Executive information

Mr. Habib K Masri

Group Chairman & General Manager

Mrs. Nicole Chaccour-Masri

Group Deputy General Manager

Mrs. Valérie D Kairouz

Group Assistant General Manager

Mr. Khalil H Masri

Group Head of Business Development

Mr. Karim N Bou-Nassif

Group Head of Infrastructure & Information Technology