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Company Summary

Malia Holding is multifaceted group of companies owning equity participation in six sectors, including: Industries, Consumer Goods Distribution, Technology & Management Solutions, Fashion & Luxury, Engineering, Contracting, Hospitality & Real Estate. Our operations span the Levant, region & the GCC and North Africa. Malia Group subsidiaries have forged strong alliances with some of the world's leading multinationals. Joining together all subsidiaries under one policy-making body ensures the solidity, validity & further growth of each company, while promoting our ethos: 25 companies, 6 sectors & 1 mindset.

Board of directors:
•Mr. Jacques J Sarraf (Chairman & CEO)
•Mr. Ghazi J Sarraf (Vice-Chairman)
•Ms. Joanne Chehab (Chief Executive Officer)
•H.E. Nicolas Nahas (Independent Board Member)
•Mr. Shadi Karam (Independent Board Member)
•Mr. Fady Amatoury (Independent Board Member)
•Mr. Gilbert Ghostine (Independent Board Member)

Board Secretary
•Mr. Frederic Chemaly

General Information

Key figures



Executive information

  • Ms. Joanne Chehab

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. G. A.

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ms. J. Y.

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Ms. J. C.


  • Mr. C. C.

    CEO, Malia Invest Holding

  • Ms. J. Y.

    Chief Technology Officer, Malia Group

  • Ms. C. A.

    General Manager, Pharmaline

  • Mr. G. A.

    General Manager, Malia Trust / COO, Malia Group

  • Mr. N. S.

    General Manager, Malia Moda/Vice President, Fashion & Luxury

  • Mr. H. K.

    General Manager, Malitab

  • Mr. I. F.

    General Manager, Malia C.T.I

  • Mr. M. M.

    General Manager, Al Mourakeb

  • Mr. T. T.

    General Manager, Capline

  • Mr. F. H.

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