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Company Summary

Main owners:
•Mr. Avo S Gostanian (Owner)
•Ms. Lucy-Ann S Gostanian (Owner)
•Ms. Carina S Gostanian (Owner)

General Information


  • Pioneer Weston 

    oil seals

  • Victor Reinz 

    sealing products

  • Federal Mogul 

    engine parts

  • AP Lockheed 

    brake parts, clutch parts & suspensions

  • Exel 


  • Coopers-Filters 

    air, oil, fuel & hydraulic filters

  • Crosland 

    air, oil, fuel & hydraulic filters

  • Inter Motor 

    spare parts

  • TRW 

    electrical & hydraulic equipment

  • TRW 

    brake parts & brake fluid equipment

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Souren A Gostanian

    General Manager

  • Ms. L. S. G.

    Administrative & Human Resources Manager

  • Mr. A. S. G.

    Finance & Purchasing Manager

  • Mr. H. T.

    Sales Manager



  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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