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2311 Yonggudaero. Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-Province, Republic of Korea
Gyeonggi-do 16922
South Korea

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provides custom-made products to meet your requirements, based on the know-how in making everyday items into interesting designs and practical products.

Business Areas
Trilly Travel bags and travel products
TAE-S Taekwondo character products

Taekwondo, the Sports and Cultural Content Representing Korea!
Taekwondois one of the most dynamic cultural assets that can raise Korea's stature in the world. Evolving into a cultural industry beyond its martial arts and sports origins, the sport was designated by the Korean government as a national brand to help improve its competitiveness.

Taekwondo could in fact be considered the cultural product that first started hallyu. By promoting Taekwondo not as a sport but as a cultural product, the education, health, peace, and tourism-related values of the sport could be maximized. This was the objective with whichHow Company launched a set of cultural products based on the Taekwondo theme.

TAE-S is a Taekwondo cultural product brand targeting children and their family members who are interested in Taekwondo.It aims for a brand image of wit and vigor, which is different from the usual image of Taekwondo held by the public. Under the TAE-S brand,practical and fun products that use Taekwondo as motif and which can be used in daily life will be introduced. The TAE-S brand uncovers thecultural values of Taekwondo, and it is positioned to become a cultural product brand that communicates Korean cultural values to Taekwondopractitioners all over the world and foreigners who love Korea.

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1.Taekwondo Keychain
2.Taekwondo ecobag
3.Taekwondo Sports Towel
4.Taekwondo Blanket


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Year established 2016
Co.Registration No 190-12-00228
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