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Company Summary

Sales, installation & maintenance of medical equipment: MRI, vascular, scanner, X-ray, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, laser cameras.
Distributors of intuitive surgical in Lebanon.

Companies represented:
Edap Technomed

Board of directors:
•Mr. George B Boustany (Chairman & General Manager)
•Mr. Wassim B Boustany (Vice-Chairman, Sales & Marketing Manager)
•Mrs. Fida Boustany (Member of the Board)
•Mrs. Rita Boustany (Member of the Board)

General Information


  • General Electric Health Care (GEHC) 

    X-ray equipment, nuclear medicine, PACS & RIS networking

  • Da Vinci Surgical Robots 

    intuitive surgical

  • Edap Technomed 

    lithotriptors & HIFU systems

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. George B Boustany

    Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. W. B. B.

    Vice-Chairman, Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Ms. L. T.

    Finance & HR Manager

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