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Fransabank Sal

Fransabank Center,
Hamra street, Hamra sector
Beirut P.O.Box 11-0393

Company information Fransabank Sal


Fransabank Group, a leading financial institution offers state-of-the-art and tailored retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking products that meet the evolving needs of the communities it serves, through its 143 branches spread across the world. The Group is present in 9 countries, namely in Lebanon, France, Algeria, Belarus, Sudan, Iraq, Cuba, UAE, and Ivory Coast.
Established since 1921 in Lebanon and listed 1st amongst registered banks, Fransabank Group occupies today the 4th ranking in terms of total assets among the Lebanese banking groups. With more than 96 years of financial legacy in its mother land, Lebanon, Fransabank Group has the largest local branch network with 125 branches spread all over the Lebanese territory.

Branches: Beirut and Suburbs:
Sequoia center Opposite Palais de Justice, Sami Solh avenue, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-427219,427203; Fax.+961-1-426536
Ain El Mreisseh
Nawrass building, Graham street, Opposite Ain El-Mreisseh Mosque, Ain El-Mreisseh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-373240,373241,373242; Fax.+961-1-373243
Ashrafieh (Rmeil)
Akra building, Saint Louis street, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-571844,571499; Fax.+961-1-446804
Ashrafieh (Sassine)
Notre-Dame center, Elias Sarkis avenue, Sassine square, Achrafieh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-203466,203467; Fax.+961-1-200651
Ashrafieh (Sodeco)
Ground floor, Dakota building, Independence street, Nasra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-423573,423574,423575; Fax.+961-1-423577
Bab Idriss
Fransabank building, Omar Daouk street, Beirut Central District, Bab Idriss sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-970951; Fax.+961-1-970952
Khatoun building, Badaro street, Parc sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-387024,386900,386901; Fax.+961-1-390409
Bliss 697 building, Facing the Police station, Jamia sector, Beirut
Tel.961-1-370434,371434; Fax.961-1-360434
Focheville building, Foch street, Beirut Central District, Marfa' sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-998230,998240; Fax.+961-1-998230
1st floor, Fransabank center, Hamra street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-340180,340181,340188,750679; Fax.+961-1-341413
Hamra (Sadat)
Itani building, Sadat street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-743135,743136; Fax.+961-1-743138
Assaf building, Adnan Hakim street, Jnah area, Ghobeiri (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-857972,857973,857974; Fax.+961-1-857972
Mar Elias
Metco center, Mar Elias street, Mousseitbeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-818529,818530,817770; Fax.+961-1-300617
Louloua building, Salim Salam boulevard, Mousseitbeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-308791,308792,308793,+961-70-677651; Fax.+961-1-305189
Ras El Nabeh
La Cité building, Bechara Khoury avenue, Ras El-Nabeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-663118,663119; Fax.+961-1-663117
Andraos building, Al-Arz street, Saifi sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-442418,585899,+961+3-650703; Fax.+961-1-442417
Block C, Starco Center, Omar Daouk street, Ain El-Mreisseh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-367346,367348; Fax.+961-1-367350
311 Saifi building, Fouad Chehab avenue, Gebran Tueni square, Mar Maroun sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-203422,328600; Fax.+961-1-201141
Tarik Jdide
Kassar building, Lebbos & Boustani streets, Tarik El-Jdideh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-702930,702931,+961-3-650705; Fax.+961-1-309090
1st floor, Verdun 730 center, Rachid Karameh street, Ain El-Tineh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-788690/1/2/3/4,+961-3-650709; Fax.+961-1-788691
Verdun (Mazraa)
1st floor, Diamond Tower, Rachid Karameh street, Verdun, Unesco Sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-797079; Fax.+961-1-797082

Mount Lebanon
Said Chehayeb (Dana) building, Main road, Aley (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-557042,557043,557044; Fax.+961-5-557046
Antonin Maronite Order building, Frères Rahbani street, Antélias (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-417240,417241; Fax.+961-4-412990
Akram El Eid center, Al Marj square, Baakline (Chouf)
Tel.+961-5-303005,301267; Fax.+961-5-303006
Bakhos & Aoun building, Square One center, Serail street, Bauchrieh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-897490,897491,897492; Fax.+961-1-898786
Adel Dagher building, Main square, Bikfaya (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-986901,986902,+961-70-901700; Fax.+961-4-986903
Bourj Brajneh
Ahmad Nabbouh building, Dr. Husni Jalloul street, Ain El-Sekkeh area, Bourj Brajneh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-453200,453201,+961-3-740410; Fax.+961-1-453203
Bourj Hammoud
2nd floor, Harboyan center, Off Dora highway, Near St. Vartan Church, Bourj Hammoud (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-258101,258102,258103; Fax.+961-1-264446
Wehbe Center, Main road, Chehim (Chouf)
Tel.+961-7-241916,241917; Fax.+961-7-241921
Tayyar building, Facing Moawad junctions, Next to the Ministry of Labor boulevard, Ghobeiri (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-279671,279673,+961-3-740412; Fax.+961-1-279680
Mahmoud El Kheshen building, Oumara street, Saida old road, Choueifate (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-431152,431178; Fax.+961-5-431183
1st floor, Kassardjian building, Dora highway, Bauchrieh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-899121; Fax.+961-1-894721
Elyssar (Mazraat Yachouh)
Fransabank building, Bikfaya Main road, Mazraet Yachouh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-914803,914804,914807; Fax.+961-4-914805
Furn El-Chebbak
Saadeh center, Damascus International road, Facing Planète Abraj, Furn El-Chebbak (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-293025,293026; Fax.+961-1-293027
Galerie Semaan
Galerie Semaan building, Main road , Hadath (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-957657,954630; Fax.+961-5-954632
Bechara Beik Karam street, Main square, Near Al Saydeh Church, Hadath (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-463975,463977; Fax.+961-5-463980
Unigroup building, Sayyad square, Hazmieh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-459602,450350; Fax.+961-5-457312
Jal El-Dib
1st floor, Le Baron center, Highway, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-889884,889885; Fax.+961-1-902959
Byblos Sun building, Roundbout, Jbeil (Jbeil)
Tel.+961-9-945108,+961-3-650719; Fax.+961-9-540968
1st floor, Bou-Jaoudeh building, Barbar Abou-Jaoudeh street, Bauchrieh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-881680; Fax.+961-1-883891
Saint Paul center, Banque du Liban street, Haret Sakhre (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-830190,830191; Fax.+961-9-830192
Damaa center, Highway, Zouk Mikael (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-210769; Fax.+961-9-210773
Maalouf center, Opposite PTT, Main road, Mansourieh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-409840,409841; Fax.+961-4-409840
Chahine building, Hady Nasrallah boulevard, Mreijeh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-469014,469015,469016; Fax.+961-1-469006
Antoine & Youssef Kallas building, Highway, Sarba (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-640293,640060; Fax.+961-9-640543
Sin El-Fil
Kibinian & Kazangian building, Delta center, Horge Tabet area, Sin El-Fil (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-510571,510572,510573,+961-3-650708; Fax.+961-1-481680
Jeita road, Zouk Mosbeh (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-217271,217272,217273; Fax.+961-9-219696

Ragheb center, Main road, Chekka (Batroun)
Tel.+961-6-540642,540643; Fax.+961-6-545035
Dahr Al Ain
Michel Frangieh building, Main road, Btouratej (Koura)
Tel.+961-78-809580,809680; Fax.+961-6-418860,418861
Marwan Ibrahim building, Main road, Halba (Akkar)
Tel.+961-6-693330,693331,693332; Fax.+961-6-692001
Ayyoush building, Ardeh road, Meryata (Zghorta)
Tel.+961-6-255560,255561,255562; Fax.+961-6-255564
Main road, Rahbeh (Akkar)
Tel.+961-6-840207,840208; Fax.+961-6-840204
Tripoli (Abou Samra)
Sayadi building, Saadoun square, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-424617,424619; Fax.+961-6-424611
Tripoli (Al Mina)
Hassan & Hassane Abbas building, Bawabet El Mina street, Mina (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-611524,611249,611250; Fax.+961-6-611250
Tripoli (Gemmayzat)
Fattal building, Gemmayzat street, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-430012,430013; Fax.+961-6-625735
Tripoli (Maarad)
Order of Engineers building, Dam wa Farz area, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-78-809780; Fax.+961-6-411514
Tripoli (Tell)
Gaston Habib building, Kayal square, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-442815,441881,441882; Fax.+961-6-441881,441882
El Kareh & Zakhia Center, Road 1, Zghorta (Zghorta)
Tel.+961-6-667951,667952,667953,+961-70-676255; Fax.+961-6-667956

Mohamed Said El-Lakkis building, Main road, Ras El-Ain area, Baalbeck (Baalbeck)
Tel.+961-8-378800,378801,378802,371800,371801; Fax.+961-8-370379
Ali Fouad Sleiman building, Main road, Bednayel (Baalbeck)
Tel.+961-8-911124,911125; Fax.+961-8-911124
Haddad building, Main road, Chtaura (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-541988,542498; Fax.+961-8-543843
Near Laboueh square, Main road, Laboueh (Baalbeck)
Tel.+961-8-230801,230802,230803; Fax.+961-8-230805
Main road, Hoche Hala (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-900333,900444,900555; Fax.+961-8-900107
Zahleh (Barbara)
Ghossain building, Saint Barbe street, Barbara area, Zahleh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-811060,803715; Fax.+961-8-822335
Zahleh (Warde)
Warde center, Main road, Zahleh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-803566,821411; Fax.+961-8-810187

Bint Jbeil
Fransabank building, Main road, Saf El-Hawa area, Bint Jbeil (Bint Jbeil)
Tel.+961-7-450701,450702,450703,+961-3-239092; Fax.+961-7-450701
Khalifeh center, Main road, Ghazieh (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-224430,224460; Fax.+961-7-224480
Bdeir building, Chammah street, New Majdelyoun highway, Helaliyeh (Saida)
Sainte Thérèse center, Highway, Jezzine (Jezzine)
Tel.+961-7-780941,780052; Fax.+961-7-780941
Farid Hamra building, Main road, Marjeyoun (Marjeyoun)
Tel.+961-7-830139,830140,+961-3-334923; Fax.+961-7-830139
Kodeih center, Sabbah street, Nabatieh (Nabatieh)
Tel.+961-7-760258,764264; Fax.+961-7-761750
1st floor, Hamzeh building, Main road, Near UNIFIL, Nakoura (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-460235,460236,460237,+961-3-067702; Fax.+961-7-460236
Fransabank building, Riad Solh street, Saida (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-722180,722181,+961-3-650701; Fax.+961-7-721194
1st floor, Abou-Saleh building, Senegal street, Tyr (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-345253,345315; Fax.+961-7-345308
Tyr (Abbassieh)
Mix center, Main road, Jal El-Bahr area, Tyr (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-740388,740486; Fax.+961-7-740084

Lebanon - Subsidiaries & Associates
BLC Bank building, Adlieh square, Palais de Justice sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-387000,429000; Fax.+961-1-616984
E-mail: info@blcbank.com
Website: http://www.blcbank.com
P.O.Box: 11-1126 Beirut
Fransa Invest Bank SAL (FIB)
1st floor, Fransabank Center, Hamra street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-745978,745979; Fax.+961-1-351030
E-mail: fib@fransabank.com
Website: http://www.fibleb.com
P.O.Box: 11-0393 Riad El Solh
Postal Code: 1107-2803
Lebanese Leasing Company SAL (LLC)
2nd floor, Fransabank Center, Hamra street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-738610/1/2/3,750310/1; Fax.+961-1-738614
E-mail: llc@leasing.com.lb
P.O.Box: 11-0144
Bancassurance SAL
4th floor, Semiramis building, Weygand street, Opposite Beirut Souks, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-960100; Fax.+961-1-960100
E-mail: Bancassurance@ebancassurance.com
Website: htpp://www.ebancassurance.com
P.O.Box: 11-6729 Beirut
Société Générale Foncière SAL (Sogefon)
6th floor, Fransabank Center, Hamra street, Hamra sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-749418; Fax.+961-1-340180 ext. 1816
P.O.Box: 11-0393
Postal Code: 1107-2803

Overseas Subsidiaries:
Fransabank (France) SA
104 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris, France
Tel.+33-1-53768400; Fax.+33-1-45635700
E-mail: info@fransabank.fr
Website: htpp://www.fransabank.fr

Fransabank El Djazaïr SPA - Headquarters & Main Branch
45B, Lot Petite Provence, Sidi Yahia Hydra, 16405, Algiers, Algeria
Tel.+213-21-481296 (Headquarters),480029 (Main Branch); Fax.+213-21-606606
E-mail: info@fransabank.dz
Website: http://www.fransabank.dz

Fransabank OJSC - Minsk Headquarters & Main Branch

95A, Nezavisimosty Avenue, 220012, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Tel.+375-17-3893636; Fax.+375-17-3893637
E-mail: office@fransabank.by
Website: http://www.fransabank.by
Swift: GTBN BY 22
Iraq, Fransabank SAL - Iraq branches
Erbil - Headquarters & Branch
100m street, Kurdistan region, Facing Crisal Erbil Hotel, Erbil, Iraq
E-mail: omar.daham@fransabankiraq.com
Baghdad - Headquarters & Branch
Building no. 48 Karrada, Dr. Salam Faek street, Al Wahda district, Baghdad, Iraq
Overseas Associates:

United Capital Bank - Headquarters & Main Branch
Mamoun Beheiry street, Plot 411, Square 65, South the green square, Amarat, Sudan
Tel.+249-183-247700 Headquarters; Fax.+249-183-235000 Headquarters,183248490 Main Branch
E-mail: ucb.gm@bankalmal.net
Website: http://www.bankalmal.net
P.O.Box 8210 Al Amarat

Representative Offices:
Ivory Coast (Abidjan) - Fransabank Sal
Acacias building, Clozel street, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Tel.+225-50-074275,+961-3-235803; Fax.+225-20-242682
E-mail: mohamed.moukhader@fransabank.com
Cuba (La Habana) - Fransabank Sal
Calle 72 n 505 e/5ta - AVE. y 5ta A, Miramar Playa- Ciudad de la Habana - Cuba
Tel.+537-2049272,2049305,2049306; Fax.+537-2049273
E-mail: fsbinfo@fsb.co.cu
U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi) - B.L.C. Bank S.A.L.
Khalidiya Park building, Khalidiya street, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Tel.+971-2-6505777; Fax.+971-2-6505778
P.O.Box: 6204 Abu Dhabi
Website: http://www.blcbank.com
E-mail: Massara.kabbani@blcbank.com

Main owners:
•H.E. Mr. Adnan W Kassar
•Mr. Adel Kassar
•Deutsche Investitions Und Entwiicklungsellschaft mbh (DEG)2
•Al Fadl Holdings Limited
•The Public Institution for Social Security-Kuwait

Board of directors:
•H.E. Mr. Adnan W Kassar (Executive Director)
•Mr. Adel Kassar (Executive Director)
•Mr. Antoine Jeancourt Galignani (Non Executive Director)
•The Public Institution for Social Security-Kuwait Rep. by Mr. Mohamed Kassar (Non Executive Director)
•Mrs. Magda Rizk (Non Executive Director)
•H.E. Mr. Nehmé Tohmé (Non Executive Director)
•H.E. Esq. Walid Daouk (Non Executive Director)
•Mr. Rafic Charafeddine (Non Executive Director)
•Dr. Walid Naja (Non Executive Director)
•Mr. Bernd Tümmers (Non Executive Director)
•Mr. Henri Guillemin (Non Executive Director)
•Mr. Nadim Kassar (Executive Director)

General Information

Year established 1921
Registration no. 25699 Beirut
Legal form Sal
Corporate capital 472,500,000,000 LBP
Type of company Head Office
Fax +961 1 354572
Website http://www.fransabank.com

Key figures Fransabank Sal


  • Company

    3605 Employees

Executives Fransabank Sal

Executive information

H.E. Mr. Adnan Kassar

Chairman General Manager

Mr. Adel Kassar

Deputy Chairman General Manager

Mr. Nadim Kassar

General Manager

Mr. Mansour Bteish

General Manager

Mr. Nabil Kassar

General Manager

Dr. Mohamad Daher

Deputy General Manager, Head of Corporate Banking

Mr. Philippe El Hajj

Deputy General Manager, Head of Retail Banking

Miss Mona Khoury

Deputy General Manager, Group Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Nabih Saddy

Deputy General Manager, Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nabil Tannous

Deputy General Manager, Head of Treasury & Capital Markets

Mr. Wajdi Abi Chacra

Secretary General

Mr. Georges Andraos

Head of International Banking

Mr. Zouheir Chouraiki

Group Chief Internal Auditor

Mr. Fouad Khalifeh

Group Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Pierre Posbic

Head of Organization

Mr. Antoine Asmar

Business Development Consultant, Corporate Banking

Mr. Roland Tabib

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Zakaria El Khatib

Head of Inspection

Mr. Fouad Helou

Head of Central Operations

Mrs. Dania Kassar

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication

Dr. Walid Yazigi

Head of Human Resources

Mr. Antoine Younes

Head of Credit Appraisal

Mr. Antoine Zarifeh

Head of Branch Network

Mr. Khalil Assaf

Head of Special Credits

Mrs. Gretta Boustany

Head of Trade Finance

Mrs. Lama Dick

Head of Local & Overseas Credit Cards

Mrs. Lama Ghoutaymi

Head of Loan Recovery

Miss Hoda Kadi

Head of Policies & Procedures

Mrs. Magida Kasbani

Head of Administration

Mr. Adel Moubarak

Head of Security & Business Continuity

Mr. Roger Abboud

Head of Credit Information

Mrs. Dalal Halabi

Head of Credit Reporting & Documentation

Mr. Nagi Makhlouf

Head of Engineering & Logistics

Me. Joumana Oueidat

Head of Judicial

Mrs. Sawsan Rawda

Head of Consumer Protection

Mrs. Najwa Sandid

Regional Manager, Beirut I

Mr. Antoine Nehmeh

Regional Manager, Beirut II

Mr. Francis Abi Nakhoul

Regional Manager, Mount Lebanon, Group A

Mr. Marwan Youssef

Regional Manager, Mount Lebanon, Group B

Mr. Amine Abou Mhaya

Regional Manager, Bekaa

Mr. Mahmoud Salameh

Regional Manager, South

Mr. Nazih Chaarani

Regional Manager, North

Mr. Raed Hajj

Area Manager, Beirut I

Activities Fransabank Sal


  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider