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Company Summary

Founded in 1978, Dima employs more than 110 employees & is one of the market leaders in marketing & distribution of fast moving consumer goods in Lebanon. We enjoy a nationwide distribution infrastructure and benefit from strong knowledge in dealing with international brands standards, policies & strategies. We have also gained vast expertise in luxury retail business through our premium brands portfolio.

POS, Etienne Nicolas
Abdelwahab El-Inglizi street, Yessouieh sector, Beirut
POS, Nespresso Boutiques
ABC Mall Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache street, Mar Mitr sector, Beirut
POS, Nespresso Boutiques
ABC Dbayeh, Highway, Dbayeh (Metn)
POS, Nespresso Boutiques
ABC Verdun, Rachid Karameh street, Verdun, Beirut

Board of directors:
•Mr. Claude M Zoghzoghi (Chairman & General Manager)
•Mr. Michel C Zoghzoghi (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Roger G Assi (Member of the Board)

General Information


  • Panzani 


  • Etienne Nicolas 

    wine boutique

  • Tomadini 


  • Vegetaline 

    Vegetable ghee & oil

  • Attiki 

    Greek honey

  • Star Bell 

    canned tuna & sardines

  • Moon Bell 

    canned tuna

  • William Saurin 

    canned food

  • Nespresso 

    coffee & coffee machines

  • Amora Maille 


Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Claude M Zoghzoghi

    Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. J. Z.

    Assistant General Manager

  • Mr. W. N. H.

    Commercial Director

  • Mr. J. A. H.

    Finance Manager

  • Mr. N. Y. Z.

    Sales Manager

  • Ms. R. B.

    Supply Chain Manger / Office Manager

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