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Company Summary

Commercial, corporate, development, investment, merchant, mortgage, private, retail, savings & regional bank.

Main Branch, Adlieh
BLC Bank building, Adlieh square, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-429000,387000; Fax.+961-1-616984
Achrafieh branch
Jerbaka building, Adib Ishac street, Sassine square, Achrafieh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-200990/1; Fax.+961-1-339664 ext. 170
Aicha Bakkar branch
Tabsh building, Independence street, Facing Selim El Hoss residence, Aicha Bakkar, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-749135/6/7/8/9; Fax.+961-1-749135/6/7/8 ext. 170
Aley branch
Moghtarebeen Hotel building, main road, Aley (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-556025,557026,558027,556024; Fax.+961-5-558027 ext. 170
Antelias branch
Ground floor, Block A, Saint Elie center, Frères Rahbani street, Antélias (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-417230,418080,522018; Fax.+961-4-522018 ext. 170
Baabda branch
Michel Helou building, Baabda square, Baabda (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-468084/5; Fax.+961-5-921820 ext. 170
Batroun branch
BLC Bank building, main road, Batroun (Batroun)
Tel.+961-6-642166,741599; Fax.+961-6-742812 ext. 170
Becharre branch
Emile Hanna Geagea building, main road, Bcharreh (Bcharreh)
Tel.+961-6-671101,672767; Fax.+961-6-671101 ext. 170
Beit Chabab branch
BLC Bank building, Al-Blata area, Beit Chabab (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-980840,981348; Fax.+961-4-980840 ext. 170
Bikfaya branch
Municipality building, Bikfaya square, Bikfaya (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-981602,981532; Fax.+961-4-986266 ext. 170
Bourj Hammoud branch
Maronite Monks building, Tripoli street, Bourj Hammoud (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-260855,241689; Fax.+961-1-241689 ext. 170
Chekka branch
Michel Al-Hallal building, main road, Chekka (Batroun)
Tel.+961-6-540728,545028; Fax.+961-6-540728 ext. 170
Chiyah branch
Awad building, Old Saida road, Chiyah (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-389515,387411; Fax.+961-1-387411 ext. 170
Chtaura branch
BLC Bank building, Damascus International road, Chtaura (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-545422/3/4,542450; Fax.+961-8-545424 ext. 170
Dekwaneh branch
Kamar center, Sad area, Dekouaneh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-692060,692070; Fax.+961-1-687647 ext. 170
Dora branch
BLC Bank building, Dora highway, Bourj Hammoud (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-264450,260856; Fax.+961-1-260856 ext. 170
Furn El-Chebbak branch
Fares Younis building, Furn El-Chebbak (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-613247/8; Fax.+961-1-613247 ext. 170
Ghobeiri branch
Akil Berro building, Ghobeiri (Baabda)
Tel.+961-1-272772,548600; Fax.+961-1-275737
Hadath branch
Michel Kherbawi building, Sahet Al-Ain area, Hadath (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-460034,467438; Fax.+961-5-460425 ext. 170
Hamra branch
Rassamni building, Hamra street, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-340450,350060; Fax.+961-1-348512 ext. 170
Hazmieh branch
Mansour building, Main road, Hazmieh (Baabda)
Tel.+961-5-454722,455547; Fax.+961-5-457177 ext. 170
Hermel branch
Chahine center, Opposite Serail building, Hermel (Hermel)
Tel.+961-8-201771/2; Fax.+961-8-201773
Jal El-Dib branch
Yachoui building, Main road, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-723200/1/2/4/5; Fax.+961-4-723200/1/2/4/5 ext. 170
Jbeil branch
BLC Bank building, Main road, Jbeil (Jbeil)
Tel.+961-9-540150,546956; Fax.+961-9-546955 ext. 170
Zouk Mosbeh branch
Charcutier Aoun building, Main road, Zouk Mosbeh (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-226803/4; Fax.+961-9-226803/4 ext. 170
Jounieh branch
Stephan building, Main road, Opposite Municipality, Jounieh (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-910800,934558; Fax.+961-9-835219 ext. 170
Kousba branch
Nicola Center, Main road, Kousba (Koura)
Tel.+961-6-510125,511132; Fax.+961-6-510125 ext. 170
Mar Elias branch
Dar El Baida building, Mar Elias street, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-703805,703806; Fax.+961-1-703805 ext. 170
Mar Mikhael branch
B.L.C. Bank S.A.L. building, Mar Mekhael street, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-565700/1/2; Fax.+961-1-565702 ext. 5360
Mazraa branch
Waef el Roum building, Mazraa sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-631634,653403,702540/1; Fax.+961-1-631634 ext. 170
Mazraat Yachouch branch
Hajj building, Main road, Mazraet Yachouh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-928612/3/4/5; Fax.+961-4-928612 ext: 170
Nabatieh branch
City Center building, Mahmoud Fakih street, Nabatieh (Nabatieh)
Tel.+961-7-764780/1; Fax.+961-7-760234 ext. 170
New Jdeideh branch
Khoury building, New Jdeideh street, Jdeideh (Metn)
Tel.+961-1-879973/4/5; Fax.+961-1-879973/4/5 ext. 170
Saida branch
BLC Bank building, Riad Solh street, Saida (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-722330,722331/2,727508; Fax.+961-7-722330 ext: 170
Sarafand Branch
Noureddine Center, Sarafand (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-260049,261170/1,260013; Fax.+961-7-260417
Tabaris - Charles Malik branch
812 Tabaris building, Charles Malik avenue, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-200210-200211; Fax.+961-1-200212 ext. 170
Tripoli-Mina branch
Shoucair building, El Husseini Hospital street, Mina (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-215350/60/70; Fax.+961-6-215340 ext. 170
Tripoli-Tell branch
BLC Bank building, Karm El Kallah street, Facing Karameh Palace, Tell area, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-430210/1; Fax.+961-6-432896 ext. 170
Tyr branch
Issa building, Banks street, Tyr (Tyr)
Tel.+961-7-343100/1; Fax.+961-7-343313
Zahle branch
Lawandos center, Zahleh boulevard, Hoche Zaraaneh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-829410/20/30/40; Fax.+961-8-829410 ext: 170
Zouk Mikael branch
Cinema Présidence drive, Zouk Mikael (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-212225/6,211473; Fax.+961-9-211675 ext. 237

Affiliated Companies:
B.L.C. Finance S.A.L.
B.L.C. Services S.A.L.
USB Bank Plc

Main owners:
•Fransabank Sal (Owner)
•Fransa Invest Bank SAL (FIB) (Owner)
•Holding M. Sehnaoui Sal (Owner)
•Silver Capital Holding SAL (Owner)

Board of directors:
•Mr. Maurice Sehnaoui (Chairman - General Manager)
•Mr. Nadim Kassar (Vice-Chairman - General Manager)
•Mr. Adnan Kassar (Member)
•Mr. Nazem El Khoury (Member)
•Mr. Adel Kassar (Member)
•Mr. Nabil Kassar (Member)
•Mr. Mansour Bteish (Member)
•Me. Walid Daouk (Member)
•Me. Walid Ziade (Member)
•Me. Ziyad Baroud (Member)
•Mr. Henri de Courtivron (Member)
•Mrs. Youmna Ziade Karam (Member)

General Information

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Maurice Sehnaoui

    Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. N. K.

    Vice-Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. B. H.

    Advisor to the Vice-Chairman & General Manager

  • Mrs. T. M.

    AGM - Head of Marketing & Support Groups

  • Mr. J. B.

    AGM - Head of Corporate Banking Group

  • Mr. Y. E.

    AGM - Head of Retail Banking Group

  • Mr. H. D.

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr. J. C.

    Chief Internal Auditor

  • Mr. N. E.

    Head of Treasury & Financial Markets

  • Mr. C. L.

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Mr. R. A.

    Head of Credit Management Group

  • Mr. S. Y.

    Head of Human Resources Group

  • Mr. E. A.

    Head of Customer Care & Quality Assurance Group

  • Mrs. M. M.

    Head of Marketing Group

  • Mr. J. S.

    Head of Compliance Group

  • Mr. G. N.

    Head of Operations

  • Mr. E. T.

    Head of International Banking Relations

  • Ms. R. K.

    Branch Manager - Adlieh, Main Branch

  • Mr. R. S.

    Branch Manager - Achrafieh

  • Mr. A. C.

    Branch Manager - Aicha Bakkar

  • Mrs. A. C.

    Branch Manager - Aley

  • Mr. T. A.

    Branch Manager - Antelias

  • Mr. T. B.

    Branch Manager - Baabda

  • Mr. E. H.

    Branch Manager - Batroun

  • Mr. T. S.

    Branch Manager - Becharre

  • Ms. M. K.

    Branch Manager - Beit Chabab

  • Ms. M. R.

    Branch Manager - Bikfaya

  • Mr. A. B.

    Branch Manager - Bourj Hammoud

  • Ms. F. G.

    Branch Manager - Chekka

  • Mr. M. D.

    Branch Manager - Chiyah

  • Mr. G. B.

    Branch Manager - Chtaura

  • Ms. R. W.

    Branch Manager - Dekwaneh

  • Mr. G. K.

    Branch Manager - Dora

  • Mr. G. K.

    Branch Manager - Furn El Chebbak

  • Mr. A. E.

    Branch Manager - Ghobeiry

  • Mrs. M. D.

    Branch Manager - Hadath

  • Mr. I. T.

    Branch Manager - Hamra

  • Mr. P. B.

    Branch Manager - Hazmieh

  • Mr. H. S.

    Branch Manager - Hermel

  • Ms. J. A.

    Branch Manager - Jal El Dib

  • Mr. J. Z.

    Branch Manager - Jbeil

  • Mr. E. N.

    Branch Manager - Jounieh

  • Mr. G. C.

    Branch Manager - Kousba

  • Mr. B. M.

    Branch Manager - Mar Mikhael

  • Ms. Z. C.

    Branch Manager - Mazraa

  • Mr. C. G.

    Branch Manager - Mazraat Yachouh

  • Mr. M. A.

    Branch Manager - Nabatieh

  • Mr. C. G.

    Branch Manager - New Jdeideh

  • Mr. M. G.

    Branch Manager - Saida

  • Mr. N. N.

    Branch Manager - Sarafand

  • Mr. S. K.

    Branch Manager - Tabaris, Charles Malik

  • Mr. G. Z.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Mina

  • Mr. T. K.

    Branch Manager - Tripoli, Tell

  • Mrs. L. A.

    Branch Manager - Tyr

  • Ms. A. S.

    Branch Manager - Zahle

  • Mrs. S. G.

    Branch Manager - Zouk Mikael

  • Mr. R. C.

    Branch Manager- Zouk Mosbeh

  • Mrs. N. H.

    Branch Manager - Mar Elias



  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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