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Company Summary

Stimulate & develop the Lebanese travel & tourism sectors.
Create line of cooperation & communication between members.
Protect interest of the Lebanese travel agents.
Defend their rights individually & collectively.
Improve their professional, social, health & financial standards.
Organize conventions, seminars, rehabilitation & familiarizing courses.
Provide professional assistance.
Represent their disagreements before courts, arbitrators or administrative authorities.
Establish necessary legislations in favor of the association's purposes & the travel trade industry.
Operate with related official & private professional authorities to indicate the travel agents' necessities & to control pricing of travel & tourism services.
Help & guide travelers, tourists & immigrants to avoid exploitation & speculations.
Execute juridical & international tourism, air, sea & land transportation rules.

General Information

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Jean Abboud


  • Mr. M. A. E.


  • Mr. T. J. K.

    Secretary General

  • Mr. Z. Z.


  • Mr. M. K. B.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. S. B.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. M. D.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. A. K. F.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. N. M.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. G. V. S.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. R. W.

    Member of the Board

  • Mr. G. B. H.


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